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What is just?

One of the best rising rock bands you will hear.. currently a Calgary local band. The bass player is the hottest chick you will ever see.

I saw Just live.. best day ever.

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Just - what is it?

A bad brand of a sport shoe.Only cost $1 a pair!

Usually say a bad quality and cheap of shoe

Henry is the boss of just company.He create all the just shoes!

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What does "just" mean?

Just is a very smart,innocent, and shy girl.She is nice to everyone and helps everyone with everything. When you try to become friends with a Just you have to pass a test, if you pass the test you will get to be friends with her. A "Just" has trust issues so she won't trust you right away. Most people dislike her because she tries to show off, but if you are Just's type then go get your girl! Just blames other people for their problems. If you find a "Just" be careful.

"Oh no i just spotted a "Just"

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Just - what does it mean?

One of the best songs ever made, by Radiohead on their second album The Bends. Full of genius chord progressions and catchy lyrics and a drum beat that makes you feel like you're tripping on acid.


The music video is equally genius; it features the song playing with an ordinary man who one day lays down in the middle of the sidewalk. The dialogue is muted because of the track so there are only subtitles. The man refuses to tell anyone why he is on the ground until near the end of the song, saying that it would be dangerous to tell them why. When he does tell them, however, the subtitles go out and we only hear the song and his unsynched lips. Everyone else then proceeds to fall and lay on the sidewalk with him. Note: Radiohead has not yet stated what the man said, and it is doubtful that they ever will. It's up to the viewer.

Man, did you see Radiohead play Just at Saitama, Japan? That has to be one of their best live performances yet!

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A cowardly and sneaky way of asking something for free, while implying it is a trivial task.

Hey, while you're painting the house, can you just paint that part of the fence for me? Thanks!

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Some one who is fair, or the act of being fair. For an antonym, see George W. Bush.

Dubya only cares about rich bastards like himself.

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A little word that creeps in in all kind of places where it doesn't belong.An easy way of trivialising something without having to justify the trivialisation, and often without the hearer even realising what is happening.

Its just psychosomatic.
I know he beats her up but he's just insecure.

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Pimp ass mutha fucka. One fine gentleman.

Yo that cracka is just.
Girl, you need to get some Just in you.

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mere or merely. A weak adjective or adverb that is a 'filler' word such as like. Sometimes used by songwriters to fill out the meter of their lyrics. Other than the latter group, the written or spoken sentence can get along quite nicely without the word.

What are you doing? "I'm just chillin'"
Reply sounds fine saying "I'm chillin'"

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Something that is really good.. it is justified. Something that makes sense.

1) The new spoiler for my car is just
2) Your views on the current political ideology is just

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