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What is jail?

the gay's paradise.

Johnny went to jail and when he got out he was walking like a pregnat girl.

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Jail - what is it?

A place that makes your ass hurt.

People get buttfucked alot in jail.

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What does "jail" mean?

-The house of the rapes.
-The raping world.
-Faggot maker.

Welcome to jail,
Prisoner: Take off ur pants son.
Bitch: Wtf?
Prisoner: Oh ya, Who's yo daddy
Bitch: AAAHHHHHH!!!!
In another cell: Tap that ass!!! GoGoGo

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Jail - what does it mean?

1. the place where criminals are confined

2. the place where all you do is toss the salad

3. The place where you'll be grateful when someone kills you with an icepick that's made out of a sharpened tooth brush.

1. Lock his ass up! Put him in Jail!

2. Nighty night! Keep your bung hole tight!

3. Let me out of this hell hole!

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Jail - meaning

A place where crips, bloods, and Pachucos are as happy as clams, but where crooked businessmen are nervous and should never bend over.

Ken Lay belongs in jail with a few hundred greasy slime balls.

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Jail - definition

While incarcerated it refers solitary confinement. (´the hole´)

"after the shake down, the guards took him to jail"

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Jail - slang

A government owned facility that claims to either correct or teach wronged or uneducated individuals but in reality is a front that generates income for the state.

County Jail, State Prison, High school, College

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1.A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons awaiting trial under local jurisdiction.

2.Detention in a jail

jail sucks

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I have to go to Jail for five days a week.

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being confined to a certain area that usually smells like the combo of piss, shit, feet, ass, nuts, body odor, lysol, and mildew for a preset or indefinite amount of time.

Characteristics include a 64 sq ft room with a sliding door that contains several iron bars that is opened remotely. The room also contains a stainless shitter(def #2) that hasn't been cleaned since 1989 and a bed that probably has been urinated over and jacked off on 1000s of times.

(so I've heard)

also clink, iron city, lockdown, tank, and bighouse

We went on a jail tour last week, and from what I saw it's not my kind of place.

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