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What is the current?

Morons reporting about morons.

Tracy Grimshaw: The public has been outraged over (some infamous baddie) being left in peace.
Cue shitty footage of some male reporter harassing baddie at their place of residence.

Tracy Grimshaw: There's been some new evidence that suggests cats prefer the colour red.
"Expert" (flipping pages): Uh well we've been seeing a lot of new evidence that cats like red.
Random cat lady: "My old Mittens loves red things."
Street random: "Yeah I like cats."

Tracy Grimshaw: Next week on A Current Affair...

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the current - video

The current - what is it?

Bahamian slang for the word electricity.

*electricity outage occurs*

β€œMan the current’s off again”

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What does "the current" mean?

sea wind

Proffesor: The current here is stronk

Student : the fuck is a current?

Proffesor: sea wind.

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The current - what does it mean?

Hipster or up to date on tumblr hipster things.

Girl 1- "I love her outfit it's like hipster, but new!"

Girl 2- "Yeah! She's so current !"

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The current - meaning

Closet Furry on V3rmillion

hahah Furrent lol (current and furry)

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The current - definition

The new "bae". It is the person you're interested in, but it's low-key. They're your "current" interest.

He's literally so cute, he's the current.

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The current - slang

Describing the motion of an individual, place or thing who is hip, cool and has an abundance of charisma ahead of the curve

That guy is so CURRENT

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The current

A current is a person you're talking to, doesn't necessarily have to be a boyfriend/ girlfriend but they are someone who has the potential to become more. It might also be known as tuning.

GIRL1: who's your current
GIRL2: ben

BOY1: bro, are you guys dating yet?
BOY2: nah man, shes just my current

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The current

Happening atm not gona be happenin in a few mins. Only for that moment in time

Yes currently.
I'm here currently.

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The current

Make something relevant for today's way of life; happening

I tried to currentize an otherwise bland outfit with a couple of leather belts worn stacked around my waist.

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