Definder - what does the word mean?

What is re?

an insult against someone. Meaning retard or spastic

Richard Jordan is a re for spelling dictionary 'dickionary'

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Re - what is it?

a shortened term for a retard.

"God, you're such a total re. Why are you always stealing my

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Video meme

What does "re" mean?

short for retarded. they dont even deserve the "tard" part of it.

"dude, i just ran into the fucken wall with my bike"

"haha, u dumbass re"

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Re - what does it mean?

a word to describe some one below rere status, they don't even deserve the second re.

You're a re. Stop that.

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Re - meaning

Spanish word, used mostly in Argentina, that means "so" or "very". It's the contraction of "recontra"

- "Esto es re importante" or "Esto es recontra importante" : = "This is very important"

- "Es re aburrido esto" or "Esto es recontra aburrido" = "This is so boring"

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Re - definition

A shortened form of retard, is used to put another person down.

Man, Jack is such a re

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Re - slang

when used in letters: it means "regarding"

Call: Marge
RE: Horror

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Shortcut for 'I return' or 'I am back' in chats. Person tells comunity that he/she return from something.

user1> afk
user1> re
user2> wb

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Re is an interjection commonly used in the greek language but also used in tha Balkans. It is used in speech to gain someone's attention, add emphasis, insult, or express surprise or astonishment, like the Spanish che.

The word probably comes from μωρέ, the vocative of the ancient Greek μωρός 'dull, sluggish, foolish, stupid'.

re is often accompanied by a slang word but generally speaking you can use it any given sentence.

Re malaka how did you crash the car where you drinking and driving again?

I told you a 1000 times re I do not do this stuff anymore.

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Coming from the french language
Means to see again..
In short a "hi again!"

* user_1 is back from AFK.
Thanks dudes.

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