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What is hot?

someone who is too pretty and smart for her own good

Ashley is smoking hot

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Hot - what is it?

1. High in temperature, if high enough, causing burns

2. Beautiful, or very attractive, hard to take one's eyes off of

1. "Don't burn yourself, honey, the oven is very hot."

2. "That girl over there is so hot, my heart just skipped a beat."

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What does "hot" mean?

1. warmer than 65 degrees
2. attractive
3. awesome

1. it is hot in the summer in missouri
2. that guy is so hot
3. kid: why are you wearing your sunglasses inside?
me: because they're hot!

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Hot - what does it mean?

1. Something that is stolen.
2. A situation or place that is very suspicious and improper for the conducting of illegal business. ie. If the police are nearby or the neighbours would promptly call them if they saw anything 'suss' going down.
3. Used to describe a phone that you have been using to sell drug's and that you think might be tapped.
4. 'Red hot' - To describe any extreme of the above definition's.

1. "I've got some 'hot phones' at the moment if you want to buy one cheap."
2. "This 'chop spot' is 'red hot'! Let's roll."
3. "I'm getting a new number tommorow, this one is getting way too hot!"

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Hot - meaning

1) Having extreme sexual attractiveness.

2) Housing a great deal of energy in heat form.

3) A very dangerous viral or biochemical agent.

1) "Damn, that chick is hot..."

2) It is a very bad idea to stick your hand into your furnace, because it is quite hot.

3) Ebola is referred to as a "hot agent".

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Hot - definition

if you are hot, you look good naked

boy come over here, you are hot

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Hot - slang

Being hot is more than attractiveness, its about smouldering sexy appeal, its about the attitude...unattainable and knowing it.

Jessica Alba is Hot!
Johnny Depp is HOOOOT!!

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The state of sexual arousal; horny

When she puts her tongue in my ear I really get hot

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someone that you can't resist kissing or having sexwith. someone that makes you stare and drool and wish you guys are on the bed doing it.

that dude was soo hot that i want to fuck him up:)
man...that girl is so hot, im gonna hump her rightnnow!
im going to stick my dick in that hot girl's pussy.
that hot guy is going to let me suck his cock now!

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1.someone thats EXTREMEMLY good looking but not like cute, more like sexy. when they walk by u turn ure head and wish u had a pause button or something.
2.something that is in some way attractive

1.omg that guy on the skate board wa so hot! paris hilton says "thats hot"

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