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What is dumb?

Dumb means alot, or very.
(originated in Longwood High School)

" Dude i am dumb high right now"
" You guys are being dumb loud"

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Dumb - what is it?

crazy, unbelievable

this nigga'z got dumb skillz

he'z got dumb luck with these girlz

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What does "dumb" mean?

replaces extremely/very. used in same terms as mad

"it's 101 degrees outside!"
"ik it's dumb hot rn

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Dumb - what does it mean?

George W. Bush. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooo dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Bush, you are dumb!!!

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Dumb(dum) adj. Below normal intelligence.

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adjective, usually follows go, ignorant and unprohibited; crazy, hyphee.

Im bout go dumb in this bitch, real talk, they better play that song.

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extreemly. A New York form of slang.

"It's dumb cold out there. You better put on a coat." "Damn that's dumb expensive."

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adv. extremely.
synonyms: mad, hella

Me: How long would it take to get from Co-op City to Fordham Road on the 12?
Young Minority NYers: Dumb long, yo.

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Someone who isn't smart.
see Stupid and dimwit

Im so dumb i had to look up dumb on urban dictionary to find out what it means.

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1)Inabilty to speak, Mute
2)Lacking intelligence, stupid

That deaf "dumb" and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball --The Who

I cant believe you would test to see if that wire is live with your tounge. Man your "Dumb".

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