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What is hang low?

let your necklace hang low from your neck

Do your chain hang low
Do it wobble to the flo
Do it shine in the light
Is it platinum, Is it gold
Could you throw it over ya shoulda
If ya hot, it make ya cold
Do your chain hang low

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hang low - video

Hang low - what is it?

A chain thats equal to or longer than 24 inches as defined by Jibbs. He sports a 32 inch chain....

Does your chain hang low?
About 24 inches i let it hang...

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What does "hang low" mean?

The greatest musical act since Weird Al.

Its members have all been arrested for sex crimes.
They probably had sex with your moms...

In fact they are probably your dad!
If you look up fucking awesome in the dictionary, well the Hang Lows wont be there but its a good way to kill some time.

or you could visit.

the hang lows will rock your balls right off.

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Hang low - what does it mean?

When a guy, for whatever reason, has found himself with nothing between himself and his Levi's.

Joe failed to do laundry for a month and the funk was so bad, he couldn't find any acceptable underwear; he had to go to work "hanging low."

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Hang low - meaning

Big Huge nuts that hang so low the scrape the ground

"Ryans a little bitch, go kick him in the Hang-Lows"

"Suck on these Hang-Lows Beatch!!!"

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Hang low - definition

1. See dick
2. commonly refers to a large than average penis among African Americans.

"Yo, I'm gonna call that bitch up after work and see if i can gets some stank on the hang-low."

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Hang low - slang

1) not going out, hanging out in a private setting as opposed to a public night on the town.

2) when a man feels a physical need to have sex due to a built-up accumulation of sexual fluids.

I'm hanging low tonight baby so let's forget about your prom and hang low at my place so we can get it on and you can graduate to a new level of extacy!

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Hang low

One Titty is bigger

Honey one hang low. Your fault U keep sucking my left tit now suck on the right one. then maybe they both hang low!

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Hang low

The male reproductive organ

I got stank on the hang low

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Hang low

the thing that hangs over your balls. some people like to call it a penis

bitch, get that stank off my hang low

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