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What is neck?

A saying that young people often use to say something is stupid.

Thatz neck,i cant believe you think that the year is 2001 when the year is really 2007.

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Neck - what is it?

the part that holds up ur head dumbass!

My neck hurts, which is strange because i have a shrunken head so it's not doing much work....damn lazy neck!

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What does "neck" mean?

To be physically, mentally, and/or spiritually gifted and attributed in what you do.

Peter proved he had no neck, when he didn't have the guts to ask Sally out.

Clayton showed how crazy his neck was when he rode his bike with one hand.

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Neck - what does it mean?

To drink quickly, especially relating to alcoholic beverages.

I watched Pat neck Natty Ices all night. Then he got in a car and wrapped it around a telephone pole. True story.

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Neck - meaning

originated in summit high school, you violently smack the person in the neck for sayings something retarded.

give me yo neck.

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Neck - definition

n. derogatory- redneck; cracker; poor white trash;

i cant tolerate these fucking necks!!

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Neck - slang

the act of using two fingers and swapping them hard across the neck of yourself or someone else because they said a ridiculous answer.

We gave John a neck for saying that fishes are mammals

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to suck penis

That bitch got good neck

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A way for someone to receive pain for having a stupid thought by palming your hand and slapping them in the back of the neck.


PERSON 1: are we at 7-11 yet?
PERSON 2: that's a neck!!!

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to make out, among other activities, with another person. A rather archaic term for it (used particularly well in The Catcher in the Rye, for instance), sometimes used in the present day.

Angela and Dave necked all night in the back of the car.

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