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What is suck on?

Asking a dick head to suck your dick

Bro just suck on me

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Suck on - what is it?

When a certain individual sucks air in through the back passage ways, using the anal and sphincter glands, this can then be farted back out. Resulting in the process often called a 'Fake Fart'.

Luke: "Sutton suck one in bled."

Sutton: "Yeah no probs man, lemme get in position."

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What does "suck on" mean?

To suck a penis and after climax she/he swallows and gets every drop.

SOD = Suck One Dry. Rick will suck one dry because he is a PAB (Pussy Ass Bitch).

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Suck on - what does it mean?

A phrase used to describe something thats sucks more than the average level of suckiness.

Person 1: Oh no! my sister replaced all the songs on my ipod with Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift.

Person 2: Ouch, that sucks on ice.

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Suck on

aka booya, take that!, beat that!, in your face!, etc.
a diss sort of proving that you are better or accomplished something over someone else.

good 1: i'll take you down and beat the crap outta you!
good 2: suck on that!
bads 1 and 2 are stunned

yes, that is my wonderful definition. suck on that!

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Suck on

Confirmation of one-upmanship or completion of a difficult task.

Suck on that, motherfucker!

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Suck on

1. that's too bad; deal with it; put up with it; tough luck; tough titty
2. exclamation of triumph when you want to rub someone's nose in it

1. BILL: I just missed out on first prize in the lottery by one number.
OWEN: Suck on it.
2. As you play the winning move in a game of skill or chance against others, you call out, "Suck on it!"

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Suck on

Suck a dick.

you don't like me? suck one, ass hole

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Suck on

1. Literally, to go suck a dick.

Can be used jokingly.

Sometimes accompanied with a crossover of the arms over the general cock area, two pounds. Gesture only perfromed by fags.

syn: Suck it, Suck my Dick, etc.

Dave: I made a 70 on my test.
Eric: I made a 84, you dumb bitch!

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Suck on

Suck on: to slob someone's knob, basically to ride their dicks badly, or to praise them no matter what they do.

Damn dude, you suck on Johnny Knoxville badly!

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