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What is it sucks?

Sucking a penies multiple times

I did a suck suck on Brian.

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it sucks - video

It sucks - what is it?

when it sucks to suck at something - coined by Stuart Briggle

Tomas: I can't believe I missed that shot.
Stuart: Sucks to suck.

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What does "it sucks" mean?

when something or someone sucks and you say it sucks to be like that.
can have " you know what they say" before it.

Tim: My girlfriend cheated on me last night.
Alex: sucks to suck :)

debra: I cant go to the party tonight because my parents are making me watch my brother.
jim: you know what they say sucks to suck! ;D

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It sucks - what does it mean?

A response to finding out your friend's dilemma. It is said in a friendly mocking manner. Can be used as an interjection.

"Brian, I lost my car keys!"

"Sucks to suck! I'll help you look for them."

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It sucks - meaning

(It) "Sucks to Suck: is a phrase used in sympathy or in sarcasm to reply to a person or situation with misfortune. Coined by Amy MacDonald.

Kavon: I hate trivia crack, I always lose.
Annie: Sucks to suck!

Kavon: I'm cold! You threw snow in my face!
Annie: Oh well, sucks to suck.

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It sucks - definition

Term use especially when a boy want you to suck his dick.

“Suck suck suck” said Steven to Lizzy.

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It sucks - slang

v: when you do something that causes you to fail or something bad to happen to you.

Dude: Wow I forgot to do my Spanish.

Bro: Well sucks to suck.

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It sucks

"(It) sucks to suck" - A remark usually made after a person experiences misfortune and/or tells others about it. Can be used to ridicule someone, as a way of expressing annoyance or frustration with a complainer, or simply as an indifferent acknowledgement of the other person's misfortune.

Dude 1: (accidentally spills drink on shirt)
Dude 2: Haha, sucks to suck!

Bro 1: Ugh, I've got three exams this week and I haven't even started studying yet.
Bro 2: Sucks to suck.

Guy 1: Man, I lost my wallet last weekend, and I still haven't found it.
Guy 2: Sucks to suck, bro.

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It sucks

A sexual innuendo referencing a girl sucking a young mans tiny penis and enjoying it.

Yo Zack, that girl last night gave me the suck suck and she came for more this morning.

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It sucks

whatever linked you to this SUCKS

no examples it just sucks yo

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