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What is keys?

another way to say 'car'

Dude, I'm getting my G2 as soon as I can cuz I'm hoping to get some keys.

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keys - meme gif

keys meme gif

keys - video

Keys - what is it?

Another word for a dude's junk. REALLY.

Aeeeiii! She kicked me right in teh keys!

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What does "keys" mean?

a well loved guy!

keys is cmin tnite! yay!!! :D

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Keys - what does it mean?

a real cool guy,sometime's can get anoyin but i forgive him

me=hi keys
keys=go away
keys=no dint mean it

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Keys - meaning

a real kool wee guy hu, if u r so lucky as to meet him, u will love for eternity! on the other hand u cud hate his guts n wanna rip his spine owt with a chop stick and feed it to an unsuspecting pigoen passing buy with a hat on...

yay it keys!!!!! :D/omg noooooooooooooooooo run keys is cmin!

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Keys - definition

The Keys Magician of the weezer message boards.

The Keys Magician called me a n00b. I'm so sad.

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Keys - slang

Term often used in recording studios. Short for keyboard or piano.

Jump on those keys!

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flipping keez all through the streetz

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it means kilo, as in "keys of coke," not as in "keys to a car."

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the correct way to spell it is ki's, bue everyone that submited a definition is a fuckin idiot so i had to put them in thier place. But a "Ki'" is short for Kilogram of yayo,Cocaine,Cociana, dust or whitegirls or whatever you would like to call this particilar drug.

Tony- forget about fuckin 13.5 a Ki Sosa, what are jou, fucking nuts?
Omar Sosa- well what would you propose that is reasonable?
Tony- 10.5 a ki' and jou gotta take dat chit to Panama

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