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What is way to say?

word meaning "hey!" or "you there!" To get someone's attention, often in anger or when one is on crack.

Say playa! why do yo lie to me man! I ain't seen no money! I'm gonna take all your bitches and drop'em off in you driveway! how you like that shit nigga!?!

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Way to say - what is it?

1- An Arabic name, it also means mister in the Arabic language and finally it's used as a title to descendents of prophet Mohamed among Shiaat.

My name is sayed

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What does "way to say" mean?

Something you add to a statement when you know that it really isn't needless to say.

I went to my seven-year-old nephew's birthday party last night. Needless to say, I got wasted.

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Way to say - what does it mean?

An unnecessary and somewhat obnoxious introduction to an obvious observation.
Synonymous with the phrase “it goes without saying.”

Person A: I heard that my teacher’s vagina smells like a toxic waste dump. Needless to say I won’t be putting my nose anywhere near that.

Person B: If it’s needless to say, then why did you say it?

Person A: Well…I…uh…I don’t know.

Person B: Dick (while walking away).

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Way to say

A person who does things "just to say" they are but they're really not.


John is the epitome of an asshole, but sometimes he's nice just to say he's nice because he's trying to impress someone.

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Way to say

Difficult to explain in words. Can be used to evade answering a question.

Ann: "Does this make me look fat?"

Mike: "Um, hard to say."

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Way to say

Used in the 1960's, short for "way to go".

I yelled "way to" when Harry charged past defense for a slam dunk.

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Way to say

Also written and said more grammatically correct as "suffice it to say" or "(it) suffices to say", this term basically, literally means "it is sufficient to say"

From the word "suffice" which when used as an intrasitive verb like in the example above, means "to meet present needs or requirements; be sufficient".

"Suffice to say" is often deemed an archaic version of the popular saying.

Current: "It suffices to say that my grief is unmatched."

Archaic: "Suffice to say, the trailer park in which that gentleman lives is quite the spacially economical achievement in residential land use."

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Way to say

(idiom) When someone is making far too many unfounded statements far too quickly for the accused party to deny them, they are "say say saying", as per the duet by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson (1988) in which it shows that the speech is so pointless that no-one, least of all the data subject really cares anymore.

Say, say, say what you want (but don't play games with my affection)

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Way to say

A person who has the "way to say", repeatedly compliments or flatters you in a way that will make you like the person more than a friend.

Hayley: "Shawneen! Today Nick told me that his ex-girlfriend asked him out but he said no because she is not as sweet, beautiful, and down to earth as I am! Then he said that I have the prettiest eyes that he has ever seen!"

Shawneen: "Man, Hayley, that boys got the way to say."

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