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What is run?

its a feeling of being in the midst of an adrenaline rush.

Edward Cullen can run really fast. its an adrenaline rush. its very common, you can google it.

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Run - what is it?

pertaining to unorganize basketball: verb one who is going to run has there agenda as follows: making ones self available for participation in a game of basketball.

dude: joe, you goin to the courts with any one?
joe: naw man im just gonna run

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What does "run" mean?

- run/ran

- To jog at a fast pace. requires a single point of contact to the ground at a time.

- To controll/command or domintate an activity seen as forbidden.

- To exceed an expected outcome involving person(s) of equal or lesser immediate importance.

- Capt. Johnsmere was shot, Lt. bratchert ran the operation.

- "Down twelve players, they still had the run of the field"

- He walked in the front door for the drug run, and came out in a body bag.

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Run - what does it mean?

To dose up with an illicit drug (usually speed) as soon as one shows signs of coming off of a high, several times in a row (or until the user becomes too financially destitute or disorganized to continue), in an effort to avoid a "crash"

That three-day run left him broke, exhausted, and hallucinating.

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Run - meaning

To describe a blatant sexual encounter.

"dude i'm going to run her tonight."

"yeah man i passed out and cant remember a thing, who did you end up running?"

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Run - definition

1. To own something, to be the king/boss.
2. To sell/peddle drugs. To smuggle drug's.

1. "I run this pool table fool, no two-shot rule."
2. "I've been running drug's for Sonny Martineli."
"Will you run some drugs across the border for me.

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Run - slang

to force a person to give the user their property.

That jacket is tight yo, better run that shit bitch before I pop a cap in yo ass!

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when smoking a phat joint, the paper begins to burn faster on side of the joint, creating a run.

"Yo, put out that run before it ruins the fat blunt."

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To go and get something for a larger group of people, usually alcohol.

Hey, does anybody want more beer? I'm doing a run in five minutes.

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Something originally designed as a survival mechanism. Now used by people with long legs to taunt people, everyone else to catch some form of public transport. of course the driver will purposefully wait untill you are 2 feet away from the door before buggering off.

"Run Forest, run!!!
"Oh, cheers for wait- Oi!!!"

Lanky guy: catch me if you can!
Short guy:all right (suspicious loading sound)

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