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What is let it?

is actually a secret way of saying "le tits now" (the tits now)

heyo bitch cum ova here and let it snow

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Let it - what is it?

1. to put off or delay

2. to leave things as they are; to not
change or disturb a situation.

1. I paid huge interest on the phone
bill cause I let it slide for too

2. I wouldn't fight over something
that stupid, best just to let it

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What does "let it" mean?

That hurt feeling from getting dumped that you feel right in your chest or heart area. That pain you just try to fight, but it won't go away, that's the burning. You have to go through that hurting to get over someone. "let it burn", don't fight it...time will heal that pain if you just let it work it's way through your body.

"She left me for some other guy, this shit is killing me"

Friend-"All I can tell you is to let it burn"

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Let it - what does it mean?

Means to forget something.

Just let it go.Because it will remain in the past.

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Let it

What you tell people who start talking about the movie Frozen.

Frozen Fan: OMGz, you haven't seen Frozen yet?! The movie is so beautiful and sad and...
Person: *interrupting* The movie is over a year old, I'll see it when I see it. LET IT GO!

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Let it

The act of letting anything/all things/niggas collect. It can be used to answer anything.

"They can't really collect, if they ain't got shit to collect. Nigga I got a collection."
"You have no toilet paper." "It's alright man, just let it collect."
"What's 5+5 ?" "Just let it collect."

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Let it

to ignore, to overlook, to disregard

He used an incorrect word but, because he's my friend, I let it slide.

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Let it

it simply means `forget it, go away...` often used in west london (maidenhead, slough, ascot,...)

if someone pisses u of like- "let it"

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Let it

it means leave it or allow it in swiss slang talk

aron: phillip delete that shit#
Philip : no!! let it !!!!

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Let it

To allow everything and anything to take it's course.

Example: "Tonight I'm going to go out and LET IT."

Example "I was at the bar and her eyes said she wanted to LET IT."

Example "We worked as hard as we can, now just LET IT."

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