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What is hangs?

they way u present your self during illegal actions.. such as drining or doing drugs or skating, or ect

Billy had one sip of beer and was doen for, yeha man he cant "hang" never invite him again

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Hangs - what is it?

Not able to match ones' strength, endurance, stamina or intelligence. etc etc

Guy 1: "Yo man..I can't run no tired"

Guy 2: "Damn homie, what's wrong?...You can't hang"

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What does "hangs" mean?

Is talayas lover. Talays loves hange to the moon and back.

I love hange

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Hangs - what does it mean?

To be executed by hanging; separate from the commonly used word 'hung' in that hanging refers exclusively to execution while hung is used for objects.

"He brought them the gold they asked for, but they hung him anyway.”
β€œHanged, you mean. Your father was not a tapestry.”

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Hangs - meaning

short for "hang out"

"I'm just gonna hang a Lolita's place today"

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Hangs - definition

The feeling after a night out when you feel terrible. Usually beacause of the amount of alcohol you have consumed.

"Im hanging this morning"

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Hangs - slang

on stupid shit , playing

you on that hang hang shit

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noun - a person who comes to a party or a gathering where drugs or alcohol are being consumed and becomes too intoxicated too early or just too tired and falls asleep, passes out, or leaves. this term is used to heckle a person in that situation.

Party host: "aw man im tired, i gotta go bed, you guys gotta go home"
Guest or guests: "BOOOO!! NO-HANG!"

Smoker#1: "Yo, its your hit"
Smoker#2: "Naw I cant take anymore"
Smoker#1: "No-hang...."

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A adjective used in the present tense only following a subject to denote that the subject has a very unpleasent taste or is in some other way repulsive. Note it is NEVER used in any other form such as 'you hang' of 'thats hanging'.

Aw man that cider hangs.

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The popular hangouts in reference to where you are. In the Mall, the Pitstops a Hang, Spencers a hang, the icp shops are hang, the video games is the hang, the smoking area is a hang.

In your commuity there are hangs that you know of. There is THE HANG and if you don't where it is, dont ask. Just start reading urbandiction, writing, and adding, and thier slangbanging will catch your attention.

If you want the know the HANG, then pimp the urban slang and use it when you can, edit, write, read, and practice with others who are educated in this new language. It uses slang in forms that sometimes takes 3 or more paragraphs to define or explain in english. Lets all go slangbanging; and for the English Class; WE are the WORDs of today and tomorrow; words are powerful.

Slangbanging must be practice and you must add to it to get to love it and then you will naturally use it. Practice it at your hangs.

Slangbanging is critical when your surrounded by people you can't relate to and you need a hang where there is some real live. Make your own hangs, don't tell every one where to find the dictionary/ but Pimp the language and anyone who understands it will relate to you. A bond of two is powerful; a force of 3 is almost impossible to break. It is not rewarding to learn the Urban Dictionary unless you have others friends who use it as well, it is an evolving science.

Slangbangers can do things that others cannot understand for all things or pure to those to do not condemn other. Slangbangers must admit to any who ask yes I have been there, I have done everything I have wanted to do. I don't those who think they are perfect; fuck hate, there is none at the hang.

All hangs must be Sacred for learning the Powerful Words that are yet to come in TRUTH. Those who dis slanguage are no worse than American Commis' who want to rule over every body and Kill those who exercise their free conscience to live a free life and and know the definition of American. What makes you free and sovereigh; it's only a common sense found in the Declaration of Independance. If you dont fit thier accepted brainwash bull then they cannot grow.

Slangbanging with 2 dudes at the concert got me a back stage pass!

Slangbang is the language that EDUCATED FOOLS CANNOT UNDERSTAND. Keep slangbanging till you have a master of the language and also keep your english language skills good so you are the only bangers that understands both.

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