Definder - what does the word mean?

What is that bitch?

the girl who will go our of her way to steal your mans

wow.. Sophia is THAT bitch?

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That bitch - what is it?

1. Intended to proceed to first name of a comrade, this term sums up the worthlessness earned by an individual after expectations have been broken.

I can't believe that bitch Rob didn't wake me up to go offroading with him.

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What does "that bitch" mean?

The girl who is everywhere, any place, with those people, with these people, she happens to do everything.

Oh its that bitch...

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That bitch - what does it mean?

“That Bitch” is a way to describe a woman that everyone envies or tries to be like OR just someone being called a bitch. The irony behind “that bitch” is that the person who is “That bitch” is supposed to be on a higher level and different from everyone else yet every girl on instagram calls themselves “that bitch” so who knows who really is the most highest ranking one.

example 1: “omg she passes all her classes while making hella bank she is that bitch
example 2: Did you hear what that bitch josie did?

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That bitch

That girl that evey nigga wants and that every hoe wants to be 😜

That girl over there a baddie fr😍 she's that bitch

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That bitch

A common phrase when describing something, kinda like the next guy. Can be used in a positive or negative context.

Yes back in middle school I wore crocs, I was that bitch.

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That bitch

THAT BITCH is used to describe someone that is literally THAT BITCH everyone envy’s they everyone is jealous of them and everyone wants to be them and that’s the tea PERIODTTTT

Dammm Brandon and Noah really are THAT BITCH

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That bitch

Carol Baskin

It was that bitch Carol baskins!

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That bitch

"That Bitch" is a woman that men want and women are jealous of. That Bitch does what others wish they could do. "That Bitch" is the most high.The Most exalted one.

See that girl over there shitting on us? She is "That Bitch"

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That bitch

that one person everyone envies or wants to be

THAT bitch just got verified on Twitter. Bitch, where my blue check?

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