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What is booch?

really ugly and/or fro like hair.

"did you see the booch on that one?"

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Booch - what is it?

the word booch is a term meaning the, section of a womans chest where the breast plate is. this is the breast gooch, the booch .in many magazines models with breast implants have very visable booch's

you can see that girls booch. damn that girls booch is shiny as hell .

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What does "booch" mean?

To swallow, comes from the spanish word buche

lisa was boochin my cock four straight hours yesterday

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Booch - what does it mean?

It is a general insult word or can replace any insulting word. Can also be spelled, "b00ch".

Go b00ch yourself.
What a b00ch.
Wow, your getting b00ched up the ass.

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Booch - meaning

Term referencing a woman that is not a bitch or a hoochie, but a booch.

That girl tramps around like she is a booch.

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Booch - definition

booch is an adjective used in conversation to describe all excellent things. It can also be an answer to a question if someone wanted to know if a certain thing was booch quality or not.

Dude, that game was booch.
dude 1: 'play some disc golf?'
dude 2: 'booch.'
dude 1 (in agreement): 'booch.'

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Booch - slang

Booch is a shortened term for kombucha which is a fermented tea type drink that tastes kinda like soda but not as sweet.

Person A and Person B are sitting at a table and a bottle of kombucha is sitting between them. Person a: "Yo, anyone want some booch?" Person B: "Oh hell yeah!"

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Slang for Bitch

"Bitch don`t make me smack you"
"Booch don`t make me smack you"

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A universal word that can mean anything and everything. It can be used as an adjective, a noun, even the name of a person. It can also be used to describe the quality of a situation, whether it's good or bad, it really doesn't matter. It can replace any word of profanity and insult.

1. Lame bro, that was booch...
2. DUDE!!! How boochin' awesome was that!?
3. WTF? That girl was such a booch.
4. Hey booch.

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a bitch and a douche (but somehow less derogatory)

You are such a booch!
Quit acting like a booch!
Hey, booch. What's up?
That was a booch move!
You guys are all booches!

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