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What is replace?

n. An elderly person who, by simply continuing to dress as she or he has since before you were born, unintentionally ends up wearing outfits that would have taken you weeks to put together at your favorite thrift shop (the one that no-one else knows about... yet).

Hipster A: "Hey, did you check out that replacement hipster's pants?"
Hipster B: "Yeah man, I would have given my eyeteeth for those!"

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Replace - what is it?

a really gude movie staring Keanu Reaves

What a The Replacements that movie was, or, That movie was no The replacements by any means

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What does "replace" mean?

There must be a point when you get to be a feudal lord (or the female version of one) where everything and everyone becomes replaceable in your over indulgent lifestyle, even if you took something/someone from someone else that wasn't replaceable to them (something/someone they didn't surrender to you) to replace something/someone you no longer had an interest in.

Everything in his/her machine is a replaceable part of the collective machine, as he/she would call it. There is no bigger picture, its simple.

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Replace - what does it mean?

to take something, and get another to take its place ;

usually a downgrade. usually the replacement is not as good as the original

John: "hey, Frank! Where's your iPod?"
Frank: "I lost it, so i had to replace it with this crappy version, until i find it!"

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Replace - meaning

When the girls you are with are either 1. pissing you off or 2. being annoying 3. not DTF

Or even if you just want them to leave.

It also can mean for boys to leave and their replacements are coming.

Can you leave your replacements are coming.

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Replace - definition

The substitute

The Replacement is the person you replace or switch for someone you're just not getting along with

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Replace - slang

Something people rather do instead of addressing the issue.

Aaron: How does it feel to replace?

Me: Depressing
Aaron: How?

Me: Because they may care for you and you take them for granted so they rather look for new people instead of trying to improve that relationship with each other.

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A person who replaces a friend who is of the female species with another of similar species. A typical example of a replacer would be one Eoin O'Sullivan. Recently he replaced Carol Tully with Aislinn Mahon in one swift movement.They now enjoy lunch dates on a regular basis, what a complete bellend!

It was a LOL riot

Eoin 'The Replacer' O'Sullivan

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noun: Seminal Eighties alternative banded fronted by Paul Westerberg. Also, a shit movie with Keanu Reeves about football or something.

"Have you ever heard of the Replacements?"
"Wasn't that a movie or something?"
"Yeah, probably. Shut the fuck up."

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A seminal alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; one of the driving forces behind the 1980's alternative rock scene who helped pave the way for grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Fronted by Paul Westerberg, the band formed in 1979 and broke up in 1991. The original members were Paul Westerberg (vocals/guitar), Bob Stinson (guitar), Tommy Stinson (bass) and Chris Mars (drum). In 1985, after the release of their fourth album, "Tim" (widely considered their best album), Bob Stinson was kicked out of the band and replaced by Minneapolis guitarist Slim Dunlap.

They were also referred to jokingly as "the 'Mats", from "the Placemats", which was what a detractor joked their name was.

Joe: "The Replacements are the best band EVER!"

Lucas: "Hahaha, isn't that a movie?"

Joe: *Slaps Lucas*

Lucas: "Ow! What was that for?"

Joe: "You're an asshole. And that movie sucks ass!"

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