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What is What a?

An insult launched at someone to destroy their illusion that some place is great.
An assessment of a place of business that you visit on a back way road trip.
Your first thought at the sight of:
A low cost motel room.
A nasty eatery.
A greasy, dusty gas station with expired snack food and a gross restroom.
A line made famous by Bette Davis in the 1949 movie Beyond the Forest co-starring Joseph Cotten.

I can't believe you chose this crappy motel for our wedding night, what a dump!

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What a - what is it?

When you miss out on events because of projects and submissions

-Hey wanna hang out today?
-I can't, I have this project due soon

-What a dula
- :(

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What does "What a" mean?

"what a gangster"
Typical used to describe someone who isn't actually a gangster but does something pretty fucking cool

*flips water bottle and it lands on the firsts try*
*friends in the background*
"What a g"

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What a - what does it mean?

A catchphrase of a certain pineapple-haired shinobi expressing his annoyance in participating in anything unlazy.

Shikamaru: "Survival. What a drag."

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What a

1:When someone tells a really awesome joke or says something totally unique.

2: A verbal moment between two friends.

Hahaha that's hilarious!
What a one!

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What a

This is a common phrase said by party goers usually all night long. After chugging half a bottle of rum, 7 shots of vodka, and 2 champagne glasses, one yells this out as a testament to the great time they are having. Essentially, they are "rushing" with adrenaline and everything else that is flowing through their body.

"Thomas got thrown out of the club, what a rush!!"
"Jon just ordered 2 extra bottles, what a rush!!"

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What a

1. that sucks - alternatively, what a bite! for when something really sucks

2. can also be used ironically, especially in conjunction with the word "wow!" or with a space between exclamation points and the word "bite", best utilized in the ironic sense when people are being drama

1. surfer dude: ughh i wanted to get sooo pitted out there today but the barrels were weak!
other dude: aw man what a bite dude

2. annoying student: i totally could've done better on this test if i studied! i only got a 91%!!
other student who is normal: wow! what a bite !!

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What a

A Reference to Metal Gear solid 3: snake eater. the quote is usually associated with a sequence where the theme of the game plays durring a two minuet sequence of climbing a ladder. this quote being the very first line of the song, and that being the beggining of the infamous ladder climb, climbing ladders and uttering the quote are often seen together within the company of metal gear fans.

*starts climbing ladder* what a thrill... with darkness and silence through the night...

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What a

A name for a guy who's name you can't remember. Similar to whats-his-nuts.

hoodrat1: Aye, remember when Keisha and whats-a-dick was fuckin' behind the bleachers?
hoodrat2: Oh yeah girl, and she still tried to act like she wasn't a stank ho.

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What a

Said to someone who is showing off and making themselves out to be a big man. Can also be said as 'What a big man' which it originates from.

"Stop being so what a Louis. No-one is impressed by you!"

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