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What is be an?

being clumsy,butterfingers,dropping things all the time

youre being an urkel dropping your bowl of cereal!!!

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Be an - what is it?

Being an Alex is when you bitch and complain about everything that inconveniences you. Even if it is for the better/safety of someone else.

Kim (hysterical) : "I lost my $75,000 diamond earring in the ocean!!"
Kourtney: "Kim, there are literally people dying. Stop being an Alex"

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What does "be an" mean?

Being a douchebag, not unlike Alton Brown of the Food Network.

That guy? He's being an Alton and dancing on pregnant women with soccer cleats on.

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Be an - what does it mean?

The best new feature on Urban Dictionary. Finally we can have a dictionary without personal crap, circular definitions, racist opinions, partisan politics, advertising, pointless drivel, and impersonations.

Way to go, Urban Dictionary, for creating this awesome tool.

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Be an

To be the coolest and sexiest person to be alive

Imagine being an Ajay the coolest and sexiest person alive

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Be an

Doing rotten things to others...just because you can.

My boss made decisions that negatively effected everyone but him...he was being an ass.

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Be an

When someone is successfully 'Being an Iris' they have some how managed to become the most beautiful perfect being in the world. This is called Being an Iris because Iris is the most perf person in the world and only she can be an Iris.

Iris is being an iris because she's the most beautiful and perfect person you will ever meet

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Be an

Someone who unfucks the planet by changing their douchy un-eco friendly habits.

Hey dickhead, Be An Unfucker and pick up your rubbish.

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Be an

Having multiple jobs and coming to one of those jobs in the state of a hangover.

One of my employees in the office was being an Erik today.

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Be an

be-an: basically bean.

Se-an be-an ( seean beean) = sean bean
Im gonna have be-ans on toast.
Baked be-ans
Pronounced beean

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