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What is BUT, FUCKIN?

An expression of enthusiasm and agreement: short for fuckin' ABSOLUTELY.

"After the final, we should grab a couple sixers and some herb and stop by the Delta house."
"Fuckin' a, man, fuckin' a.

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BUT, FUCKIN - video

BUT, FUCKIN - what is it?

For something to be described as 'correct' or 'good'.
Also a form of approving a comment or action.
To describe an instance as 'fuckin awesome'.

'These omelette's are Fuckin-A man!'

'Fuckin-A man' (Jeff Bridges, 'The Big Lebowski')

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What does "BUT, FUCKIN" mean?

1.Used to emphasize a word or phrase.
2.Can be also project different emotions.
3.Can be inserted between words or syllables.
4.Possibilities are endless.

O Fuckin' K, U Fuckin' S of A, all Fuckin' right, Semper Fuckin' Fi, Booty Fuckin' licious, Dyno fuckin' mite ect.

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BUT, FUCKIN - what does it mean?

A stall tactic used like "uhh" usually when someone who is high and can't think of the correct word to say.

Fuckin, I don't know bro.

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BUT, FUCKIN - meaning

Fucking assured, a boisterous affirmation.

"Is that your car?"
"Fuckin-a! Isn't it sweet?"

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BUT, FUCKIN - definition

"fucking affirmative" derived from military radio communication. One would say affirmative but in the heat of battle "fucking affirmative" then "fuckin a"

Do you need air support? Fuckin A!

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BUT, FUCKIN - slang

A useful phrase when a friendly conversation has reached a lull.

"-so I told you that bitch was goin' to the club tonight?"

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Having butt sex.


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"Fuckin' Awesome"

Can be said in good or bad context to indicate a positive or negative reaction (respectively), but no matter how it's used... it still means "Fuckin' Awesome"

1) -Holy shit! I passed English!
-Fuckin A, man!

2)Fuckin A, I can't believe I won.

3)Fuckin' A!... somebody finally wrote a decent definition for "fuckin' A"

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Strong exclamatory agreement, often to an unusually concise or precise statement or proposed course of action.

This is the correct spelling - beware the overformal 'fucking a', taking time to pronounce the g is a profanity faux pas and de-emphasizes the strong expression of agreement - you might as well say "jolly good show", queerbait.

Also beware dropping the apostrophe for the omitted g, just because we're using profanity doesn't mean we need to do it like an illiterate.

Ripley - "I say we take off, and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

Hudson - "Fuckin' A..."

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