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What is boisterous?

A Discord Chat made for the bois by the bois. It contains many unholy and censored material that would cause death to anyone who reads them. This chat was made to avoid the battlefields of social interaction and to connect the homies without living the house. Many people have joined the chat since it was created on the 15th of February by TheReal_Nikola. The participants of this group are no longer just friends, they are family as well.

Fredboi_: "Does anyone know how to join The Boisterous Bois?"
Shieldboi: " I heard that it is extremely hard to get an invite."

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Boisterous - what is it?

The unfortunate return of that night's seafood dinner after a night of binge drinking and said seafood is deposited in the parking lot on a cold night resulting in a stream of warm air rising from the pinkish pool.

Brian: What was that noise?

Jolee: I left a boisterous oyster by the driver-side door of my neighbor's car.

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What does "boisterous" mean?

This type of person is an absolute twat who never fails to annoy you. They are loud and not well educated and often blurt out inappropriate comments resembling an arsehole, or in this case, a total bellend.

That new lad at work is a boisterous bellend and really pisses me off

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Boisterous - what does it mean?

Native of Vermont or western New Hampshire. Specifically one with a twangy accent and a fondness for liquor and 4 wheeling.

Sure he gets in a lot of fights, he's a boister.

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Boisterous - meaning

Not in anyway related to moisterous

She still doesn't fully believe me that I was calling her boisterous and NOT moisterous.

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Boisterous - definition

loud, mischievous, rambunctious,

person 1" hey could you try to not be so boisterous?"

person 2" sorry"

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