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What is Ripley?

Believe it or not. Used when a statement is in doubt or unbelievable.

I went frolfing yesterday, and I got a hole in one! Ripley's.

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Ripley - what is it?

amazing friend, nicest person ever, is loyal to her friends and would never let anyone hurt them.. awesome, cool

john: your smelly

ripley's best friend: why would you say that *starts to cry*

ripley: hey john *bitch slap* no one ever hurts my friends..

john: ahhh *runs away*

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What does "Ripley" mean?

Ripley: Noun; A small rivertown community located on the banks of the Ohio River. Ripley Ohio got it's start when Colonel James Poage came to Ohio from Staunton, Virgina to claim his 1000 acre land grant. That he recevied for his service in the military. Originally he named the town Staunton and him and his family laid out the town in 1812. But by 1816 he renamed the town becuase there was another town named Stauton in Ohio. He renamed the town Ripley in honor of General Eleazar Wheelock Ripley who was in the War of 1812. The proximity of the river and of the slave state of Kentucky on the opposite shore led to Ripley's role as an early stop on the Underground railroad, a network of citizens sympathetic to slaves escaping north to freedom. A number of prominent abolitionists lived in the town in the 1800s, mainly on Front Street near the river, including John Rankin, former slave John Parker, Thomas McCague, Thomas Collins and Dr. Alexander Campbell.

Ripley has since seen it's share of ups and downs. In the mid 1900's(1940-1969)Ripley had at one time 21 bars. Now Ripley's Night Life consists of 5 main bars that are year round...19th Main, Snappers, The Meeting Place, The Riveara, and Town and Country by the high school. It has a Boat Club that during the summer months also has a bar and resturant. Grocery stores Ripley has one...Jubilee which was formerly Clydes SuperValue. It also host a Farmers Market on the corner of Main and Second Streets. This building used to be a clothing store back in the 1960' and up until the earlie 2000's was an antique store.

Ripley at one time had a lumber yard, a rail road going through town, several grocery stores like Krogers and several butcher shops. It also at one time had a nice Hotel called the Bodemer Hotel, that now the building sits empty. A phantom of it's former glory. Also during Ripley's history they had a movie theater and a swimming pool. The movie theater is now a laundry mat(constructed after the theater burned down).

Ripley even has it's own festival...The Ohio Tobacco Festival. Held usually the second to last weekend in August. Tobacco at one time was Ripley's main cash crop. Now since the buyouts farmers aren't making what they used to cause they have one set contracted price vs. a price that was determined by what it was auctioned off at during auction. So the tobacco warehouse are now used as an auction house, a flea market and general storage.

Ripley isn't short on stories...or ghosts and cemetaries.

Ripley is along the banks of the Ohio River...Sucky example. but yea couldn't leave it blank.

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Ripley - what does it mean?

An unbelieveable event that actually happened. (Ripley's Believe it or Not)

"Back in the day, I lost my butt after being up almost $11,000. The casino did a Ripley on me"

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Ripley - meaning

Ripley is usually seem very quiet or open up to people much because they are too busy caring for and worrying about other people and doesn't want to bother them with her own problems. If you know a Ripley, you can use her shoulder to cry on no matter what but make sure every now and then you give her a well needed shoulder as well.

whats wrong with Ripley?

I don't know, i cried to her last night about my boyfriend breaking up with me but she wouldn't tell me what she was sad about.

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Ripley - definition

A British Derbyshire town well known for it's yob culture and high rates of unemployment, dole dossers and drunks.

Dan: Rob did ya go ta Ripley today ?

Rob: Nah, I went ta Heanor instead.

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Ripley - slang

Term used to describe a dump, typically at least 2" in width, that fires from your colon with ferocity and rips its way out of your ass, resulting in some bleeding, incredible discomfort and possibly screaming like a little girl.

John double fisted the toilet seat as the Ripley made its way to freedom.

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a person that only rushes around in FPS games like Call of Duty and will not give anyone a chance

We have a damn Ripley in our lobby

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The most badass female action hero ever. She survived the first film, came back in the second and beat the shit out of the aliens and had a mecha-suit battle with the Queen Alien. Died in third film, and was cloned in the fourth (which sucked).

"Get away from her you BITCH!"
*Ripley proceeds to kick the alien queens ass*

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Verb. To Ripley -.

To simply join two or more objects together, typically with duct tape, so their uses are combined in just one easily managed unit.

Refers to the scene in the Ridley Scott film 'Aliens', where Sigourney Weaver's character, Ellen Ripley, tapes an assault rifle, a flame thrower and a personal data & tracking device together, in preparation for an all-out solo rescue mission.
Common use: Bristol, UK, mid-1990's.

I can never find one or other remote control for my home entertainment devices, so I'm gonna Ripley them all into one block.

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