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What is affirmative?

An event held by a woman who practices cuckoldry. This event is generally composed of a cuckold affirmation ceremony which has vows and rings or jewelry exchange. Typically there is some type of after-party and then a "Cuckymoon"

Betty has been cuckolding her husband Ken for several years. She loves her husband but find him to be sexually inadequate or boring. Betty has a boyfriend Tom and decides that she wants to make her status as a cuckoldress "official".

Betty decides she wants to hold her own cuckold affirmation. She and her husband plan out the event, invite some of their friends who know about their special marriage.

On the special day they hold a ceremony in their home. At the cermeony Betty asserts her rights as a cuckolding or hot-wife. During the vows Betty affirms her sexual rights and freedoms while Ken pledges his support for his wife's sexual freedom while he must remain faithful to her. Betty's boyfriend Tom promises to provide Betty with the sexual pleasure and satisfation that her cuckold husband cannot.
There is then a party afterward. That evening Betty and Tom go on their Cuckymoon.

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Affirmative - what is it?

In America, Affirmative Action was a product of the Great Society policies of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was first codified into law under a series of Executive Orders (not approved by Congress, in other words), which stated that munitions manufacturers including private firms doing business with the federal government should "take affirmative action" in hiring minorities - at the time defined almost solely as African Americans.

As the Vietnam War dragged on under President Richard Milhous Nixon, Affirmative Action became part of a wider government program to bribe inner city blacks to get with the program and support their government. Of course, Affirmative Action, welfare (started under FDR in the 1930s) and other government handouts did nothing to increase the love that black people had for the federal government.

By 1978 liberal activism was under attack. President Jimmy Carter had expanded Johnson's liberal social programs to their ultimate extreme, and white, middle class Americans began to look toward the Republican Party and their rising star, Ronald Reagan, for new political direction. That same year, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against quotas for the first time in the landmark California Board of Regents vs. Allan Bakke decision. However, Affirmative Action was far from dead and buried.

Today Affirmative Action remains rooted in American policy, although most Americans including many African-Americans find Affirmative Action outmoded for the much less racist atmosphere of the 21st Century.

Inexplicably Affirmative Action still exists, even after the election of Barack Obama.

Affirmative Action put that white guy with a college degree in the unemployment line, while that black guy who can't even write his own name got the promotion.

Asians and Jews are also targets of racism, but they get none of the benefits of Affirmative Action. It's punishment for their success, I assume.

Jesse "Affirmative Action" Jackson got Nike to loan him $600 million dollars after threatening a boycott. What an extortionist piece of shit he is.

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What does "affirmative" mean?

noun or verb

The act of self-declaration via twitter or facebook of what you are currently "doing" (BESIDES typing into facebook or twitter - which is what you are ACTUALLY DOING!) in an attempt to publicly validate your social status and to make it look like you are not a loner or a loser that needs virtual validation to give yourself a sense of self-worth. (As my friend put it, posting that you are doing laundry is not a "status update" - it's a cry for help!)

See also: cyber-vanity

Dan is totally into cyber-affirmation. He updates his facebook status ten times a day. As if we really want to read a play-by-play of his laundry chore.

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Affirmative - what does it mean?

A cheapshot program mandated by some government agencies and institutions to give preference to Africans based on their skin color alone, it can be used by females and certain other races as well, but africans are the main benefactor, hence the definition.

I can't believe it...I lost a spot at UM even though I have a higher test score to the other guy due to Affirmative Blaction giving him a 20 point raise in the test scores! /=(

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Affirmative - meaning

The establishment, enforcement, interpretation and review of laws in a manner that is unbiased with regards to gender with the goal of gender equal legal outcomes.

If there are male and female coaccused and one is offered a plea bargain to testify against the other at a trial, there would be an equal chance that either the male or female is offered the plea bargain resulting in affirmative justice.

There would be an equal percentage (ie 50%) of inmates being male and female.

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Affirmative - definition

Saying something affirmatively

I said to him affirmatively to get out.

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Affirmative - slang

Affirmative is used over radio as β€œyes”
This is because with most radios, it can be difficult to make out what someone us saying especially if they just say, ”yes.”

Tank commander: (Over radio) β€œGunner, see that tree line 12 o’clock?”

Gunner: β€œAffirmative”

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The acknowledgement of a colleague's job well done. It was first invented by Enda McKenna in 1947 in his magnum opus on "Motivation of Female Staff in the Male Dominated Workplace". Its purpose was to recognise the added value brought to the business world by women after the Second World War; such as round-the-clock provision of biscuits, coffee and sexual favours. More recently, affirmations have become a desired method of motivation by both sexes. Traditionally, affirmation is delivered by a firm, open-handed pat to the posterior. However, there are many variations; such as the "Snap-To" where a short, sharp delivery results in surprise, awe and a warm after glow. Softer versions are the "Double" and "Triple" pats where two or three affirmations are delivered in quick succession to confirm the high level of performance currently being delivered. The third and rarely used version is the "Spank and Linger". This is when the affirmation is singular but contact is maintained, conveying the message of a job well done, worthy of additional "rewards".

Winston: Did you see that annual report that Miss Wells drew up?
Charles: Yes... jolly good for a woman. Perhaps an affirmation is deserved?
Winston: Excellent idea, a Spank and Linger I think.
Charles: Here she comes now.
*spank*... linger
Miss Wells: Oooh!
Winston: Good report. See me after work!

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Derivative of "Affirmative"

: to say that something is true in a confident way

A- Is it raining outside?
B- Affirm.

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Yes, Correct, accepted, Ok

"Afirmative ya bitch, over and out"

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