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What is queerbait?

someone increadibly, or immensley stupid

U are such a queerbait

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Queerbait - what is it?

1) An asshole.

2) One who is the bait for a pack of queers, even though he/she is straight.

3) An affectionate way to say hello.

1) Joey is such a queerbait

2) We can use Frank as queerbait so we can slide out the backdoor

3) How ya doin' queerbait?

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What does "queerbait" mean?

to gays, any male is queerbait.

The creepy gay guy was checking out every dude who crossed his path thinking
queer bait!Great!

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Queerbait - what does it mean?

a queer that attracts other queers

"Dude your a queerbait look at all theses queers on your nuts."

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Queerbait - meaning

one who receives blow jobs from queers but does not give blow jobs in fear that he will be thought queer

Byron is queerbait -- he wants Bob to give him a blow job, but he isn't willing to give Bob a blow job.

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Queerbait - definition

A young boy who has the features and attributes which attract adult, male child molesters. These features and attributes include, but are not restricted to, fair, smooth skin, small physique, a submissive attitude, and naive ness.

That kid over there sure is cute looking. He's major queerbait. Hmm, I'll think I'll offer him a piece of candy.

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Queerbait - slang

a person who says hes not gay, but acts like it big time, and naturally attracts the same sex

mike southwood is the favorite queer bait of the gays.

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A male that is unaware of his good looks, which is cute enough to attract both girls and homosexuals. Actually it's a compliment to one's looks, not an insult to their sexual preference.

"Yeah, Mr. queerbait over there is unaware of what he's doing to my partner, and it's pissing me off".

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1. a naive guy who is sexually attractive to gay men. Can be either masculine or feminine in atttitude or looks.

2. a straight friend of a gay guy who does not know that the gay guy finds him appealing.

Mark is pure queerbait. He hangs out with a gay dude and is clueless.

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In high school, generally male freshmen are queerbait.

Also known as a man who attracts gay men or a man who claims to be straight but acts gay.

1. Ruthless Senior- Hey queerbait, pick up my book for me.

2. Person one- Dude, Ryan just said that guy over there was hot!
Person two- Oh my God! I knew it! He's such a queerbait.

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