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What is Fuckin A?

A world usually exclamed after being surprised.

Jenny: Hey billy, i baked you these cookies
Johnny: Fuckin A

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Fuckin A - video

Fuckin A - what is it?

Fucking Amen, as in agreement with a statement. However, the speaker will not say the Amen part fully as not to blaspheme against God. Stupid teenagers will someones use it in a derogatory sense as a way of saying "fucking asshole" but teenagers are stupid as hell.

"Dude this pancake is the shit."
"Fuckin A dude."

- See also the Big Lebowski

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What does "Fuckin A" mean?

Thats right, That really hurt,
Thats too bad, Thats great.
You can use it as feed back for pretty much anything you need. It all depends on the way you express it, and want it to come across.

Fuckin A! That really hurt!

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Fuckin A - what does it mean?

Exclamatory used if you're surprised, hurt, or at a loss for words

ghost pops out FUCKING A!
you get shot in the leg with a blow gun FUCKING A
Baby we're pregnant FUCKING A

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Fuckin A - meaning

Contrary to popular belief, this phrase is actually short for "Fuckin A-hole". It started off as a negative term, like when losing in poker as kids, we'd yell "fuckin A!" to the fuckin A-hole that won. Over the years, it morphed into a term used for general excitement, like "fuckin A! I'd love to go to the movies!" and is no longer limited to negative context.

Are you drinking tonight? Fuckin A right I am!!

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Fuckin A - definition

A phrase most commonly used to express agreement, but can also be used to comment on something unpleasant or awesome.

1 "Dude, that sub we had for Econ today was damn fine!"
"Fuckin A, man."

2 "Fuckin A! I can't believe they towed my car again!"

3 "Three Pizza's just $5 bucks each? Fuckin A!"

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Fuckin A - slang

A verbal way of confirming that you have understood that happiness isn't always about how easy your job is or how much it pays. It's about how you feel about what you are doing at the moment and expressing that "this is where it's at."
It also communicates to another that you feel strongly about this and that if he can enjoy the moment it is also ok for the other person to enjoy it. Sometimes it is an introduction for the person who says "Fuckin' A" to the new type of enjoyment that may have gone unnoticed in the mind of the listener.

An office worker loses his job after the place he works at burns down. He then works for the contruction company who does the cleanup. Typically, it is thought the office worker has the better job because it is easier and pays more. In this short excerpt from the movie "Office Space," a lot is said in a little amount of time with the two words.

Peter: This isn't so bad, huh? Makin' bucks... gettin' excercise... working outside?

Lawrence: Fuckin' A.

Peter: Fuckin' A.

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Fuckin A

a term that can be used to reflect on any situations outcome, merely by changing vocal accents

(good) fuckn a - accent on the a
(bad) fuckin a - accent on the fuck
(impassive) fuckin a, B, fuckin a - quickly muttered

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Fuckin A

A strong use of exclaimitory agreement.

Jake: "Cold pizza is good in the morning aint it?"
Billee:"Fuckin A it is."
Jake:"That girl is hott"
Billee:"Fuckin A she is."

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Fuckin A

Actually I heard it was New Jerseyan for "Indeed!".

Man from Jersey: "Fuckin A!"

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