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What is Hudson?

Woman who has repeatedly or solely dated douche bag men. First used on the 01/06/10 broadcast of the Lex and Terry Morning Radio Show. Named for the actress Kate Hudson who has previously dated a long string of douche bags.

douche bag Kate Hudson

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Hudson - what is it?

Very beautiful girl, most likely light brown hair, blue/green/gray eyes often gone to for advice, popular, really funny, everyone wants to be like her, confidence,not afraid to speak there mind,has all the guys fall over heels for her, very wise, most likely is in different friend groups but only has one best friend,every one wants to be her, often has a best friend with the initial E

I wish I had the confidence of a Hudson

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What does "Hudson" mean?

Someone to blame. A word commonly used to push the blame onto someone else

Who did that? HUDSON!
Why doesn't my lighter work? DAMN YOU HUDSON!

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Hudson - what does it mean?

Some blonde hoe that will literally sleep with a bunch of cute guys and smoke weed. Not only that, she will pretend to flirt with unattractive guys, several months later she will ignore you if you try to talk to her, or she will laugh at you if she is with one of her friends, she also breaks up with so many guys, do not ever trust this slut!

Guy #1: Damn, Hudson is real fine.

Guy #2: Nah fam she ain't worth it, I tried talking to her last month, she fucking ignored me then next week she fucking laughed at me with her friend!

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Hudson - meaning

A funny, smart, and cool guy. He’s cute and really easy to fall for. If you meet a Hudson, don’t lose him and keep him forever.

Person 1: Hey who’s that cool dude?
Person 2: Oh, that’s Hudson

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Hudson - definition

Has a huge penis and gets all the ladies.

Oh theres a Hudson, all the girls will be all over him.

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Hudson - slang

The most amazing person ever. Girl and even men are attracted to you. You have a huge penis that the girl love. You are super funny. Super athletic and still has straight As. You are best looking person on the planet with the best eyes. Usually blue with blonde hair. You are also fit most likely to have a six pack. You are also tall.

Everyone with be like oh look there's Hudson.

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Hudson is an amazing, beautiful boy. He is someone who is always very courteous and thoughtful. He can become upset if he hurts someone he cares for, and immediately works to fix it.

Hudson is the best boy to ever exist!

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The definition of a pure athlete he's cool, nice, sweet, and big hearted very generous and always there for people. Often a best friend to many people.

Whoa he's so cool that must be Hudson.

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The greatest person in the history of the universe. Athletic and kind. Good-hearted, and always a good and loyal friend. He makes a great boyfriend and usually isn't the one who breaks up with the girl.

Who's that great guy...Must be Hudson!

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