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What is to get laid?

To get laid means to have sex

some guys just wanna get laid

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To get laid - what is it?

the first thing an egg does

"How do you expect me to get hard so fast?" the egg asked the boiling water. "I just got laid a minute ago."

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What does "to get laid" mean?

"Getting laid" is a less crass version of "getting fucked". Therefore, the expression lends itself to being used in limericks and other types of poems, such as the one below...

There once was a girl from Belgrade.
She was hot like a Soviet grenade.
She knocked on my door,
Lied down on the floor,
And said: it shall be my wish to get laid.

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To get laid - what does it mean?

getting some; having sex

I met this girl at a party last night and got laid.

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To get laid

To get fucked.

Jason: Dude I got laid last night
Bob: Awesome! Was she any good?
Jason: Naw I pretty much had to do it all myself

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To get laid

When a Facebook user trolls the person that insisted they were the first to comment on a public photo

Someone writes "First!!!", a comment later "First To Comment, Last To Get Laid".

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To get laid

To express or question one's self-confidence or excitement.

"Are you ready for the test?"
"And I'm ready to get laid"
"I feel great!"
"Are you ready to get laid?"

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To get laid

What you say to someone when they are being pissy over trivial things.

Roomate 1: I can't believe you ate my yogurt. Ugh you are so inconsiderate. Grow up!!

Roomate 2: You need to get laid.

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To get laid

The statiscal probability of having sex in a given situaltion.

Attending Reed College will increase my propensity to get laid, while attending The Citadel will decrease said propenisty.

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To get laid

(to) have sex

Want to get Laid? = Want to have sex?

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