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What is nonsexual?

A relationship between female roommates/soulmates with no romantic attraction; involving 3am giggling fits, prompted by absolutely nothing, and inside jokes so obscure that even the girls involved have forgotten their origins.

Jen and Abby have a really extreme nonsexual girl crush. I hear them giggling all night long, but when I ask what's so funny, all they can say is "It's a doodle with a gizbot!!" The hell?

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Nonsexual - what is it?

an attraction to someone of the same sex for reasons unrelated to sex

Gaurav has a nonsexual crush on Michael Vick.

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What does "nonsexual" mean?

Having a nonsexual intercourse.


hey dude did you have sex yesterday with that chick?

No I had a nonsexual intercourse with myself.

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Nonsexual - what does it mean?

A significant admiration for another individual without sexual attraction.

Does anyone else have a completely nonsexual crush on Pat Kiernan?

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Nonsexual - meaning

A person who, even after a prolonged period of observation, does not present one with a clear indication of whether they are male or female.

Guy 1: "Hey, see that person over there? It's too ugly to be a woman but it's wearing a floral shirt and platform shoes. Is it a guy?"
Guy 2: "And I can't tell if it's got breasts or not. The odd hairstyle doesn't help. I can't stand it when you can't tell if someone is a guy or a girl. We'll just have to classify that as a 'nonsexual'. Poor ugly bastard."

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Nonsexual - definition

To fancy someone without caring about their sexual orientation/identity. ( only be romantically involved and not nonsexually)

Bob loves Bobbet...orentation it doesn't matter.

Lola and Jesse are nonsexuals

Gina and Alex are Nonromantics

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Nonsexual - slang

one who has no sexual orentation. sex is not important

"did you see that girl she's so hot!" "didn't anyone tell you, she's a nonsexual."

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