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What is Naw?

A slang term of the word "or not."

You want that sexy car or naw?

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Naw - what is it?

Can simply mean no.
Also can be used sarcastically.

"Hey I think you've done the wrong equation"
"No, look...wait, you're right.."
"Well NAW!"

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Video meme

What does "Naw" mean?

Means Prince.
A man of importance, wealth and beauty.

Regarded as a legend by his many followers

That guy is so Nawful.

That car is so Nawful

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Naw - what does it mean?

Laid-back demurral, with overtones of not taking the original statement too seriously.

Statement: Hey, do you think Drew Carey is talented?
Response: Naw, man. Naw.

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Naw - meaning


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Naw - definition

it just mean no

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Naw - slang a Term used by Grandmothers that are to young and sexy to have grandkids....They are usually Sexy Beast and make the best grandparents !!!!

Wanna go see Naw-Naw ?

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Another word for no

Naw i will not leave this game and let your friend join.

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Showing simpathy for something online.

John: Someone I know just died.

Jen: Nawwww

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V; Another term for snuff or chewing tobacco.

Im gonna be up late so I went down to Andy’s Mart and picked up a NOS and a Naw.

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