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What is the pump?

When you are unable to produce cum during intercourse

Man last night I had whiskey dick and it really did "stump the pump."

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The pump - what is it?

Eating the pussy while warming it up for sex.

I was licking the cho cha trying to prime the pump.

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What does "the pump" mean?

Jacking off prior to having sex in order to last longer.

Man I had to prime the pump before I fucked that fine ass chick. I didn't want to cum too fast. Prime the pump pussy cum

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The pump - what does it mean?

When you pump up the jam so much, that the pump gets jammed.

"D00d, I was just jamming the pump"
"You jam hard, bro."

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The pump

To engage in fellatio without producing an orgasm, as a precursor to other sexual activity.

Go on down down to prime the pump first, dear.

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The pump

Under the pump - for being very busy, feeling the pressure (like that caused when using a pump to inflate), almost at bursting point.

How are ya, mate?

'Far out mate, been under the pump!'

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The pump

phrase describing the action of covertly setting money in a tip jar before anyone else has left "real" tips in order to ease the flow of tips by making customers feel more at ease with the idea of leaving money.

bar band member: "We'd better prime the pump before the crowd gets here tonight."

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The pump

When you masturbate before your girl comes in so she can find your penis easier in the dark.

In an interview with "Lester Holt," President Trump proudly proclaimed that he invented the phrase stating, "Priming the pump is when I tug on myself for about half an hour before Melania comes in so she can find it easier."

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The pump

Chicago Nickname for a fire hydrant. A fire hydrant is an above-ground connection that provides access to a water supply for the purpose of fighting fires.

You don't need no swimming pool girl! Here's a wrench, now go open the pump and be careful 'cause that beyotch across the street might call the popo on you!

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The pump

1.according to the governator, the pump is how you feel after lifting lots of weights and your muscle engorge and you feel like the man. feels a lot like cuming, thus making arnold a lucky man.
2. also a famous health food store in manhattan, nyc.

Man, I love feeling the pump, and I love eating the pump! arnold rules! lets get huge!!!

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