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What is plenty?

adj.; having an abundance of fine (see Rural Dictionary)

Martha: "Wilbur, have you had enough to eat today?"
Wilbur: "I'm plenty fine darling. Thank you."

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Plenty - what is it?

the current president of the United States. A character in Dick Tracy. The name fits Barack Obama well. A name used in derision of the phoney pretense Barack Obama has to offer. Who ever heard of a small time local politician who lucked out being elected to the Senate and given the presidents job? No one. That is who. And so we give him a derisive moniker.

B.O. Plenty is the president of the United States. His wife is monkey girl.

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What does "plenty" mean?

An age that covers all the legal possibilities with none of the humiliating decreptitude associated with aging.

Happy birthday! How old are you?


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Plenty - what does it mean?

A women who has a tight yet voluptuous body.

Guy1: Damn, she's phat!

Guy2: Nah man, she's plenty thick.

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Plentiful, in abundance

God's grace can never be depleted plentiness.

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many or a lot of things

there was a plentiful amount of stuff in the room

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many a lot of things and stuff.

there were plentiful amounts of dumplings in the freezer

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So freaking good it’s enough.

Dang girl those harmonies were plenty.

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More than you might think, and less than you would presume.


"Plenty, means only one. Notify your dictionary editor".

"Plenty, is more than you think. But, more or less than that.."

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adj: Used in Edinbourgeois slang, often as a comeback.
When something (especially someone or something being said) has gone too far, is over-the-top, or silly; but still in a jokey way.
When said about something that's been said it is usually followed by "from you".

Alex says "Jane, You have a massive forehead, it makes you look like a donkey."
Betty says "Mate, Plenty from you."

After seeing something silly, Charlie exclaims "That's Plenty"

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