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What is any minute?

The sweetest girl you will ever meet. She will love you unconditionally,but if you hurt her she will not forgive you. She plays video games with you and loves spending time with you either way and understands that you both need space. She is extremely intelligent but will never put you down if you don't understand something.Her beauty stuns you and you feel like you are the luckiest person alive.Honestly, you think she's the perfect mate. If you ever meet someone like this,NEVER let her go! You should be honored if someone calls you an Anis.

Guy: Dude...i really wish i could meet an Anis...

Guy 2: I've already met mine.

Guy: *sigh* lucky bastard...

Guy 2: *starts making a definition of Anis*

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Any minute - what is it?

Referring to multiple anuses, typically used as in the place of asses

Bro 1: How much ani have you been getting lately?
Bro 2: Plenty.

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What does "any minute" mean?

The plural form of the word anus.

One who has multiple anuses posseses ani.

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Any minute - what does it mean?

An Actual name of a most likely beautiful girl, She is gorgeous in her heart and loved by those around her with pure intent she Is gorgeous as much as she is great to be around.

A name, "Hey Ani whats up! "

Used and pronounced Ah Nee

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Any minute

Anis is a person you should fight for because she will take a very good care of you. Once you lose her you will lose for forever. You will never meet a person like her. She would do anything as long as everyone around her is happy even though she need to sacrifice her life. She never show to anyone about her sadness.

Anis still manage to make everyone happy although she have a problem.

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Any minute

plural form of anus

Congress is full of ani.

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Any minute

The name of a girl who is very beautiful and cute. She is nice and sweet person. She also caring about who she love. Moreover, she is cheerful. Always do jokes and make his friends laugh. She also smart. She is perfect girl in cuteness and have a kind heart in love. Many boys has crush on her.

boy 1: i think i fall in love with anis

boy 2 : ouhh .. she is pretty

boy 1: herm yeah

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Any minute

A hilarious person. Ani is the life of the party. Though a bit introverted, Ani is very popular. Ani can get along with almost anyone, making her desirable to be around. Ani is known to have a heart of gold and is kind, pretty and free-spirited. Ani is also known to be a creative and can typically do anything artistically the first time it is done.

Ani is my pillar strength; Ani is good at music, dancing and prancing. I can't wait to go to Ani's house and eat cheese.

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Any minute

Any % is a term frequently used in speed running video games where a player does anything it takes to finish the game as quickly as possible (not including major glitches)

I just won the world record of finishing an any % zelda run!

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Any minute

When Taylor Swift wants to kill you

#WelcometoNewYork will be up on iTunes any minute now.

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