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What is Pumping Iron?


Man, it's been a rough night. Time to go pumping the midnight iron.

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Pumping Iron - what is it?

To workout your muscles.

C'mon let's go to the gym and 'pump some iron'!

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What does "Pumping Iron" mean?

Pour and/or drink an Iron City Beer

I'll meet yinz dahn da beer garden ta pump-an-iron.

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Pumping Iron - what does it mean?

To have brutal sex with the opposite gender.

"I can't picture you pumping iron with a man."

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Pumping Iron - meaning

1) Lifting freeweights, origianally all made of cast iron. Some are now plastic.

2) Arnold movie about the first definition.

"Can't go out tonight, I'll be pumping iron at home."

"Have you ever seen pumping iron?"

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Pumping Iron - definition

To lift weights; to engage in weight or strength training. To work out.

Hot chick at the gym: "OMG! You are so buff!!"
Buff Guy: "Ya babe, I pump iron."

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Pumping Iron - slang

Having vaginal intercourse with a menstruating female.

"I had to change my sheets because I was pumping iron with Sara last night"

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