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What is pump action shotgun?

male genitalia

I filled her to the brim with my pump action yoghurt rifle.

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Pump action shotgun - what is it?

sexual activity,

hey, you get any action last night?

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What does "pump action shotgun" mean?

To detail, line by line or section by section the thoughts of a character within a set text from a play or dialogue within a play, describing it with a transative verb. ie an action one character can do to another character

Actioning a script, actioning the characters intentions, thoughts, desires

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Pump action shotgun - what does it mean?

The act of stroking ones penis in one quick motion and firing explosive diarrhoea all over your partners body.

Person 1: Hey, I heard you and Lilly got into a fight, What did you do?

Person 2: We were going at it last night and I hit her with a pump-action shitgun. It got pretty nasty.

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Pump action shotgun

a band that definately doesn't get the credit they deserve.
they fit into a lot of genres, including indie-rock, powerpop and electronica. you decide.

they currently have two great albums out:

don't cut your fabric to this year's fashion
an army of shapes between wars

visit these sites for more information on action action:

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Pump action shotgun

A guy who’s popularity in life or great success is due to the things he owns or the people he knows as opposed to anything he himself can take credit for. While he may seem fearless and confident take away any of the things that make him who he is and you’ll soon realize how shallow and vulnerable he truly is

May also refer to someone who would otherwise be impotent without viagra or another sexual aid

Lee is a real Pump Action Pete. I heard his dad took his car away and now he can’t even get laid.

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Pump action shotgun

1. to reload a shotgun
2. to wack off

1. i was pumping th eshogun so i didn't see you
2. i was pumping th eshogun so i didn't see you

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Pump action shotgun

After pulling out of their sexual partner, the jizzer strokes their phallic member one time before unleashing the gates of cream onto their partners back.

"How was the sex?" "I did a One Pump Shotgun right onto her back man."

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Pump action shotgun

all the guns and blades fused into one holy grail of a weapon

u don't want to be at the business end of the pump action swing.

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Pump action shotgun

when you want to have sex fast

you: hey babe you wanna make tonight a special night

babe:yeah i wanna do it pump action shotgun

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