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What is fast?

Teenage girl who act and dress in ways to allow the assumption that they perform Hit and Quits or One nights Stands with little or no effort on the male part.

Random Guy 1: Man those Girls Xochitl and Janae are really fast!
Random Guy 2: Yea they are I bet I don't even have to buy them dinner first!

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Fast - what is it?

ampethamines - speed, base

i got 2 grams of fast for tonight!

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What does "fast" mean?

the fine line between tipsy and drunk, usually categorised by moving/standing up after drinking which makes you realise the alcohol has hit you harder than you thought. often considered the best stage of drinking.

person 1: are you fast yet?
person 2: i'm on my second bubblegin so it's gonna hit as soon as i stand up

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Fast - what does it mean?

1. state of speed used to keep one out of jail

Joe was fast, and outran the cop.

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Fast - meaning

1. Having a high rate of speed
2. braedennial or brenden

I drive a fast car. Roller coasters go fast.

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Fast - definition

being a nasty whore and sleeping around

Damn, Quesia sure is one fast ass hoe.

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Fast - slang

easy to get(girl) their goodies up quick,if you know what i mean.

Jason:Hey Mark! you heard about megan?
Mark:Yea,Shes fast!I can imagine how many boys she dated.
Jason:She probably went out with everyone in the school
Mark:She goes out with anyone.

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a girl who acts older than she is with men

somebody go get that fast ass girl before she gets fucked in her bootyhole

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an adolescent girl who acts much older than she is by dressing like a skank, dancing like a hoochie, or just being a general ho.

Oh, look at that fast girl all on that man like she ain't 13.

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A girl or guy who is quick to engage in sexual activities.

Damn that slut was fast.

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