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What is blowing air?

what you give to someone who has annoyed you. giving air is the same as 'blanking' someone

bob: "safe g"
bill: "___"
everyone else: dont have that, he's giving u air!!

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Blowing air - what is it?

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and just like their star sign they like to be first in life as well. The Aries Horoscope symbolises the ā€˜Iā€™ and the ego. Aries is a cardinal fire sign which gives their personality fiery qualities, impulsiveness and optimism. Their cardinal quality also gives then leadership abilities.

People born under the star sign of Aries are full of energy and excitement but can also sometimes be egotistical, negative with a tendency towards impatience and irritability. Aries are people with drive, ambition and a powerful intoxicating energy.

Pioneering Impulsive Efficient Single-minded Brave Enthusiastic Aggressive Frank Straightforward

Aries Ruler: Mars - symbol of energy and power. Mars is the masculine principle and gives determination, energy ambition and power. It brings willpower and an active pursuit of goals.

Aries Gender:: Male
Aries House: I
Aries Element: Fire
Aries Mode: Cardinal
Aries Colour: Red

Aires the start of the horoscope chart

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What does "blowing air" mean?

a cute and innocent term used to request a blowjob from your girlfriend/wife.

Guy: Baaabby, can I have a blow blow?
Girl: Aw you're so cute. Of course you can!

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Blowing air - what does it mean?

When Some one gets blanked or ignored by somebody.

He gets air

That girl gave him pure air rudeboy

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Blowing air

basically means blanking someone which is when you heard/read what they said but you ignore then and don't reply

person 1: *send message*

person 2: *reads it but doesn't respond

person 1: why u airing me for

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Blowing air

Being ignored by someone when making a statement or asking a question. Also known as blanked and turfed.

Person 1: Did u watch ** last nite?
Person 2:......
Person 3: O no u got aired!

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Blowing air

In Slang term, it means "Blank" which is ignoring someone.

Mike: "Yo Ed, what's up?"
Ed: (ignores)
Mike: "Yo why is he bare airing me for"

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Blowing air

a gesture that resembles the performance of fellatio.

I knew she was kinky when she gave me an air blow from across the room.

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Blowing air

Similar to the phrase "Blowing smoke up my ass" but telling a person a lie to avoid telling the truth. This is especially done when caught in the wrong or other compromising positions.

"Jim caught his wife with another man at McDonalds; they were holding hands and everything!"
"Really, what happened?"
"Well she started trying to say the guy was just a friend"
"yep, I heard Jim kicked her ass to the curb, now she's staying with her 'friend' at his place."
"Man doesn't that beat all."
"Yes sir. I don't know how he's handling it so well... I would kill my wife if she was cheating on me, and then tried Blowing Air Up My Ass."

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Blowing air

Not to be confused with blowing farts or passing gas.

Blowing air is when a man has cum so many times in such a short space of time that he's got nothing left in the locker to ejaculate but air. It hurts, but the end result can be spectacularly mind numbing in its intensity.

A male experiencing the contractions of orgasmic release without ejaculating is steeped in 5000 years of ancient Chinese folklore. According to eastern practitioners, male orgasm with ejaculation is one fleeting moment of intense and even excruciating pleasure. On the other hand, the ability to orgasm without ejaculation is said to be a continual rolling expansion of the orgasm, with emensley heightened ecstasy.

Unfortunately, to learn this art, a man would need to spend years at an eastern ashram, performing spiritual and physical exercises designed to develop the skill. The reason this art is so rare in western cultures is that most modern men see something patently wrong with some old, foul-smelling, skinny, toothless, bearded Swami freak wearing nothing but a turban and a loin cloth touching their perineum point for demonstration purposes.

Warning: any user of the term should be aware that this phrase may be perceived in some circles to be crude or vulgar. In these situations, saying 'passing air' would be more politically correct.

This gorgeous little cinnamon skinned fantasy girl straddled my thighs, then fucked the life out of me for hours on the two seater couch. She made me cum so hard and so often that by the time she was finished, I was blowing air.

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