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What is petrol?

noun- A term used in place of "money for gas"
Connected to snaps

Yo, homey got some snaps for the petrol?

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Petrol - what is it?

A name given to an alcoholic beverage such as cheap wine which helps gets a lady going on a night out.

The girls were getting on the lady petrol for the pre lash before hitting the town on a heavy night out...

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What does "petrol" mean?

A guy who is overly obsessed with skate boards and lives at home with his mom, is bald, has a pony tail,is 36 years old, never took a bath in his entire life, and plays EverQuest on a skateboard shaped computer that he bought at a dime store for a quarter.

You're acting like a veeb named petrol. (see "Veeb").

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Petrol - what does it mean?

Men's Breasts (really flab)

He's got petrols, he should go to the gym.

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Petrol - meaning

To put petrol in your own or someone elses car.

1. "I'm going to petrolize my car"
2. "Please come see me Amy, I'll petrolize your car"

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Petrol - definition

A belief system based on pro petroleum policies and views.

OPEC practices petrolism for its own self-interests.

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Petrol - slang

gasoline like what you get at the gas station

"I need to get some petrol first though, bro."

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mainly used outside the us though

Oi, we're low on petrol mate. Gotta find a station, quick!

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Fuel used in conventional internal combustion engines. In North America, this is known as gas. Cf. Diesel, kerosene.

Where's the nearest petrol station?

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Gasoline. Used in the UK and most of it's former colonies, sans the USA and Canada.
Oddly petrol is NOT short for petroleum.

Brit: Looks like we need petrol. We'd better stop at a station and fill up.
American: Looks like we need gas. We'd better stop at a station and fill up.

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