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What is night out?

When a group of women get together to complain about men, problems with men, or the lack of men.
Usually involves acting in a manner in which any man who sees them would sever all ties with said women, should that man know them.

Things were going great with Mark until Gina and her friends went on a girl's night out.
Mark saw Gina at a club and slit his wrists in the bathroom.

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Night out - what is it?

When the girls go out shopping and return home late. Usually in a drugged out and drunken stupor. A good oppurtunity to change the locks on the doors.

My ex had a girls' night out and came home the next day accusing me of cheating on her when she was gone.

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What does "night out" mean?

A harmless activity that male friends participate in for the purpose of reinforcing friendship or simply getting together to do something positive. Such activities include, but are not limited to beer drinking, discussing business and finance, watching or playing sports, playing videogames or card games, occasionally talking about women, or watching a movie that doesn't suck.

Guy's night out is one way for a man to be free, if only for a few hours.

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Night out - what does it mean?

A clutch of females, friends, who escape from their ordinary lives and go out and act like they don't have responsibilities or boyfriends. This excursion can also be girls night in, ie staying at one females house together as a group.

After this week i am looking foward to girls' night out with kate, laura and becca.

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Night out - meaning

An evening excursion for a group of women all of whom must dress in revealing or scanty attire, and who should, as part of the etiquette of the event, consume large quantities of alcohol, and make a lot of noise. It is conventional at such events for one party to vomit whilst another holds the retcher's hair back from her face.

Gillian's girl's night out had been a great success with only minor casualties.

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Night out - definition

a typical girl's night out consists of a bunch of girl's getting completely dressed up, including but not limited to excessively slutty or overdone makeup, then going out to a club/bar type place to then get completely wasted all the while flirting with unsuspecting single men while their husband/boyfriends remain none the wiser.

Please also note girls night out does not have to include alcohol or a bar/club, if a moderate amount of male bashing goes on including but not limited to the boyfriend/husband, then a girls night out has occured.

If the girls night out does include a bar/club it should also include having gullible lonely men pay for drinks as well.

Dumb Girl 1: Hey ladies its been a while time for a girls night out!!
Dumb Girl 2: Yeh lets hit up the club this Friday and leave the guys at home!
Dumb Girl 3: Alright! I finally have an excuse to wear that slutty shirt I bought last fall!

Random Boyfriend with sense observing conversation: Uhh the last time you went out like that, you came home drunk as hell, with some random numbers stuffed in your purse.

Dumb Girl (doesnt matter which one): Shutup idiot! we had to give them something for paying for all the drinks. Duh.

Boyfriend: Oh okay, so its okay for me to go out and have some idiot pay for my drinks and give out my number in return then?

Dumb Girl: If you do that I will rip off your balls, fry them in oil and feed to the dog.

Boyfriend: yeh,...okay,...sounds fair.

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Night out - slang

A top night out clubbing, partying or drinking with a group of friends. Rogue in the sense that it wouldn't be something you would normally do, but you enjoy the night so much and start having those fun nights a lot , that it becomes the new you. Rogue nights out can only be deemed a RNO when surrounded by a bunch of good friends who have serious stamina e.g. the last ones on the dancefloor standing

that was such a "Rogue Night Out"

are you ready for a "Rogue Night Out"?

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Night out

A planned event, usually held at a cheesy Irish pub or dance club, where groups of females dress provocatively, flirt insessantly, dance badly, and accept free drinks from desparate single men. The event usually ends when one female passes out in her own vomit or when one of their boyfriends shows up.

Marsha is having a girl's night out this Friday, so we can head down to Cheetahs.

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Night out

Where a group of friends go on a long drive and end up watching race gurram in the Car.

Stiff:“Bro let’s plan a Night-Out. Psych it’s gonna be”
Cow:“Race Gurram ftw”.
Dope,kolli: Yea!!

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Night out

Being awake all night till dawn esp. to do some work.

Yesterday i had a night out to finish my project.

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