Definder - what does the word mean?

What is hit up?

"Hitting up" is messaging a guy/girl you find attractive with the soul intention of making you and them an item at some point along the line or to just have a one night stand because why not.

I'm hitting up Rob up because he's gorgeous.

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Hit up - what is it?

1. To ask someone somehting.
2. To call someone, contact them.
3. To go somewhere or do something.

1. "You should 'Hit Up' Tommy to see if he stole your buddha."
2. "Yo, 'hit me up' later bruvva."
3. "Let's 'hit up' this Drum and Bass Party tonight."

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Video meme

What does "hit up" mean?

to get a jump shot made while you are closely defending the shooter.

damn boy you got hit up.

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Hit up - what does it mean?

To be asked your gang affiliation by another gang member.

ACID:"damn foo i got hit up by brown pride yesterday".
TOO SOON: "I bet you shit your pants huh?"

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Hit up - meaning

(adj) Describes a person who is so facially unnattractive he or she may be compared to someone who has been hit in the face. Term does not usually refer to attractiveness of the body.

Dude, that bitch is so hit up in the face I cannot believe that you dated her...that is gross.

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Hit up - definition

burglary or breaking and entering, usually used for residential areas

Did you hit up that house yet?

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Hit up - slang

When talking about going somewhere, receiving something, or contacting someone. Can be talking about food, places, or even sex. Is also used when asking for something. In extreme cases the phrase "that shit" is inserted in the initial phrase.

Yo, let me hit up on that answer.

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Hit up

(v) To be financially charged or made liable for something.

I was hit up for $300 worth of parking tickets last month.

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Hit up

Hit up is rugby and rugby league terminology for the ball carrier to run a straight line into the defensive line of the opposing team

"Koray take the hit up" Says the hooker
*hooker passes ball to Koray and he runs a straight line into the defensive line*

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Hit up

To visit or use a website

Hit up to find the information you need.

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