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What is up on that?

1. Having current sexual knowledge of a female. 2. Being aware of the existance of something (usually something positive). See also all up in that.

"You see Lisa last night?" "I'm up in that, G." "Word."

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up on that - video

Up on that - what is it?

Positive. Confident. Evolving. Kind. Live and full of life. Joy. Jubilant. Exalted. Blissful.

Have an upful day!

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What does "up on that" mean?

To have sex with someone or another discreet name for sex

"Who have you been upping lately"

Adj. "Ha man just upped this hell skank"

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Up on that - what does it mean?

Jamaican slang for positive feelings.

You're so upful. (you're so cheerful.)

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Up on that - meaning

Same as "Shut up, Fuck up", hence ...UP ...UP.

Obama, I am so tired of your "Change" bull shit so just up up, you liberal bitch.

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Up on that - definition

to increase in value or update to better quality

You need to up up that computer, it's falling apart.

Up up your shoe game, those SB dunks are old.

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Up on that - slang

The opposite of keepin it on the downlow or doing stuff that you don't want anyone to know.

I ain't got nothing to's all on the up and up. We together, he cool.

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Up on that

Getting better, actively rising above, coming in to your own, living large and getting larger.

"Feeling damn good, I'm on the up and up!"

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Up on that

To 'bang,' have sex, or otherwise canoodle with. Presumably another person, a sexy one; but could also be used in an ironic fashion for an object (tangeable or otherwise) which is particularly awesome.

"Man, that girl is hot."
"You wanna get up on that?"


"Holy crap, this song is awesome. I totally want to get up on that."

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Up on that

to know something, to have somethin new; mostly used to brag or to tell someone they aint know sumthin

also used: up on dis

You seen my new Jacob? Thas right nigga you aint up on dis!

I been beatin your grl for months jus wadnt up on dat

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