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What is the line?

the lines created by mammary glands straining a blouse, etc; to the limit. -one or more lines in the fabric as strained!

that babe is oozing the good thing! fuckin' ay me like the lines!

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The line - what is it?

denoting a woman's public hair shaved in a thin, succulent line. ant. the patch or the shrub.

I bet that milf has the line; she seems to be pretty well-kept.

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What does "the line" mean?

That point when if you get one more little push someone's gonna die

I'm this close to going over the line.

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The line - what does it mean?

Phrase used on some message boards to refer to the famous line from Snakes on a Plane, that line being "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"

Yeah when Samuel L. Jackson said The Line, everyone in the theater stood and cheered, it was awesome.

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The line

something nobody crosses

Bri dont cross the line or you gonna get smitten!!

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The line

Refering to a womans clevage.
Is used to discretely point out major clevage

Sorry guys, I can't join you today, there's this girl that I met today with a MAJOR line.

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The line

Prospective members of the gang are expected to walk between two lines of group members, while they are punched and kicked repeatedly. The prospective members are expected to walk to the end of the line on their feet. If they fall, they must start over, usually on another day, when the injuries have healed.

Did they make you do the line or u jus get jumpd in?

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The line

When a man jizzes into the nostril of another person and covers their mouth so the person is forced to snort in the semen, as if snorting cocaine.

Dude, Last night I gave nicole the line.

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The line

the well known wait at the tux rental place(normally found in a mall) the night before prom. "The line" is famously long because it normally includes many different schools from the area the mall is located in. It is normally characterized by comical impatience(often displayed by worthless kicking of the wall or air), male bonding, arguments, and even hackey sack playing.

"good thing we got here 7 hours early, the line is already looking pretty intense with those guys playing pogs and that one kid needlessy screaming"

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The line

The line seen on a person's jaw or neck when their face makeup is too dark (or light) for their real skin tone.

Lauren: Does Amber's face look darker than usual today?
Danielle: Yeah. She totally has the line!

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