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What is writing?

Past tense of write

I Writed a paragraph on the bird.

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Writing - what is it?

The art of manipulating ink to do your dirty work.

I can write whatever the fuck I want, no one can stop me with my pen and paper.

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Video meme

What does "writing" mean?

to graffiti

you cumin out ritin 2nite?

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Writing - what does it mean?

The most underrated form of art in this modern age.

Guy: Wanna read my Writing project, aka, story?

Other Guy: No, I'd rather look at this picture/cartoon/comic.

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Writing - meaning

The act of repeatedly slapping your head against a keyboard and hoping something good will come out of it.



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Writing - definition

The act of writing Graffitti

"we went out writing last night"

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Writing - slang

The act of using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling to make a complete form of communication. Whether it be through typing or physically writing. Most people use technology to do their writing. Many students in college type their essays.

Sam: The other day John said I didn't know what writing was.
Brian: What'd you do?
Sam: I looked it up on urban dictionary.

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The act of putting ideas, thoughts, etc into a work of literature. Can be done anywhere; like on paper, online, and for the rebels: on other people's property.

Natalie was writing a poem for her crush.
Jenna was writing ideas for her newest book.
Sabrina was writing the next chapter of her story online.

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a kind of love that thats annoying as hell and makes you want to pull your hair out. It keeps you up and night, and it makes you think about the world entirely differently. Its a passion that is unlike any other. It overides everything in your life.

What do i want to do with my life?

I want to be writing.

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your mind spewing all over paper; sometimes it'll be pretty and other times downright hideous. It's endlessly satisfying and perilously aggravating. It is leaving a piece of yourself on a scrap of paper, on a stack of it, in the memory of a computer and in the minds of a few or millions of others. It is something that will capture you and niggle in the back of your head for ages. It is brilliant.

she struggled and she rejoiced over what she was writing.

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