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What is Something?


something is srsly anything

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Something - what is it?

"Something" is a term used when someone a little over best friends with someone else, but not considered as dating. They are just "something."

Person 1: "I guess we're not friends, nor dating."

Person 2: "Then what are we..."

Person 1: "We're something."

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What does "Something" mean?

a certin undetermined or unspecified noun or verb

She really should do something about her acne.

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Something - what does it mean?

Something that is not yet known, but will be in the future. It is a very boring word.

Michael: "I've just found the most spoken word in the English dictionary and no one has written a meaning on Urban dicks yet!"

Sandra: "What's that?

Michael: "I'm don't know. It was something."

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a word that commonly denotes a variable in an example syntax

the definition of %s said type "slang something" and I'm a hyper-literalist and/or wise-ass and ended up here

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an indescribable level of recognition, one that is innately understood between two people.

We're something, eh?

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Some-thing. Very simple, really. The name says it all.

Something is poking me.

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What is left over after wrapping both hand around your erect cock. Thats something; either you have it or you don't.

"I have something, about an inch in-a-half of something. Wanta see it?" I asked with a grin.
"What is it?" she replied.
Now she has a restaining order against me. All cause of alittle something.

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Hey that's something

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A word you have looked up on urban dictionary because you were bored.

I'm going to look up something because I'm bored.....

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