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What is Did you?

The act of receiving a medal in sports

" hey man did you medal in the olympics"?

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Did you - video

Did you - what is it?

An insult after you completely wreck someone. Can also be said as "You just got did dirty" It could be as simple as winning rock-paper-scissors, or as complex as beating someone in Madden. Said enough times in sequence and it can really be annoying.

Jimmy: Broh, I'm gonna score a Touchdown on this play!

Ron: Shut up, no you won't.

Jimmy: I told you I would! I just did you dirty right there.

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What does "Did you" mean?

The question used right before making a reference to something. Usually answered sarcastically because the individual being asked already knew the answer or fact. Can be asked in a serious or sarcastic manner but in most cases the individual is serious when asking.

Caroline: Did you know?
Luis: Know what?
Caroline: That Morgan goes to state.
Luis: (Sarcastically) No way! Really? Since when?!

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Did you - what does it mean?

A very embarrassing comment your girl might say, usually as you're moving in for a big kiss.

Steve: thinking it is finally the time to move this relationship to the next level gets real close to Chris's lips

Chris: did you fart?

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Did you - meaning

Asking some if they piped is asking if they had sex with the other person indicated.

Bro, you hung out with Caitlin? Did you pipe?

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Did you - definition

Derived from baseball dialogue, specifically the New York Yankees, 'did you?!' is a question to reference the certainty (or lack thereof) a player had that his hit was going to be a home run. However the same term can be applied to any situation in which one stumbles upon good fortune, or in which one has a commanding performance or feat of accomplishment.

Derek Jeter hits a home run off the end of his bat that bloops over the wall

Returning to the dugout, Nick Swisher jokingly asks, 'Did you?!'

Derek smiles, shakes his head, and walks by


Robinson Cano *smashes* a fastball for a 400ft homer

Returning to the dugout, Nick Swisher asks/proclaims, "Did you?!!"

Robbie grins and collects his high fives

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Did you - slang

A question used to indirectly tell someone that their complaining about something of no importance. Made famous by a character in the movie 'The Hangover'

Passenger: How did you get a licence if you drive like that

Driver: But did you die?

Passenger: No but...

Driver: then you're complaining about nothing

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Did you

Although phrased as the start of a question, it is actually an introduction from somebody who wants to impart information. It’s used quite a lot by some teachers but it usually comes from somebody who wants bore your arse off telling you things you don’t need to know, don’t want o know and which are less interesting than the sex lives of Venusian bacteria. It’s usually impossible to get away without committing murder unless you can comeback with something that stops them in their tracks and allows you to escape.

Did you know that if you rearrange the letters of β€œHappy Christmas” you get β€œCrappy Shitmash”?
Yes, and if you rearrange β€œMerry Christmas” you get β€œMr Mrs Itchyarse”.

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Did you

Shortened form of 'Did you have sex?' or 'Did you do it?'

Sleeze: I had a dream about you last night.
Hottie: Did you?
Sleeze: Nah. You wouldn't let me.
Hottie: Meh!

Source: I saw that joke on an episode Casualty, BBC TV Show

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Did you

Did you seriously just upvote that one definition that said NOT TO UPVOTE IT


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