Definder - what does the word mean?

What is gorgeous?

1.) Person of great beauty
2.) A person with great physical attributes.
3.) A person who has great personality traits
4.) Shockingly beautiful

Tina is so GORGEOUS it hurts my eyes!

Tina is the most gorgeous person I've ever seen.

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Gorgeous - what is it?

beautiful, stunning, sexy, appealing, classy, exquisite, good looking, foxy

1)She looked gorgeous at graduation.

2)Look at her- she is gorgeous!

3)You look gorgeous tonight.

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What does "gorgeous" mean?

A term used to describe a beautiful or pretty person.

Lee is sooooooooo gorgeous I could just die!

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Gorgeous - what does it mean?

a girl who is absolutely beautiful

the chick is utterly gorgeous she is so freakin hot

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Gorgeous - meaning

being ridiculously pretty :)

woah kelsieeee, you are so freakin' gorgeous! can i have yo numbaaa??

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Gorgeous - definition

someone or something extremely beautiful

Bridget Bugbee is gorgeous

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Gorgeous - slang

what a guy calls you when he realy likes you

a guy that just want you for sex:
wow babe your smoking/hot.
a guy that truly likes you:
your gorgeous

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beautiful, perfect, everything you can ever dream of

tessa is absolutely gorgeous.

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beautiful, fun, exciting, sexy,awesome, extremely attractive, great person to be with

yo did you see olivia?
yeah she was so fucking gorgeous!

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Absolutely heartbreakingly good looking. This person will make you stop in your tracks and go WOW!

Jason Smith is gorgeous

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