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What is full?

Used to describe a girl when she looks nice, hot and/or sexy.

She looks so full!

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Full - what is it?

While playing hacky sack - A term that is used to describe all players in the circle making a legal touch on the hacky sack without the sack hitting the ground.

Dude , get it to Chuck and we got the full.

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What does "full" mean?

Word coming from Norwegian/Swedish meaning drunk. Can also be used as English slang.

You got so full last night!

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Full - what does it mean?


Rosie O'Donnell is the FULLest thing I've ever seen.

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describing someone that is cool, fly, fresh, or looking good

Girl, put on some jeans and a cute shirt and you'll be looking full.

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Colloquial slang used in pockets of Australia. Used to mean "very" and/or "definitely".

-"So what do you do for a crust?"
-"I'm a Public Servant in Kanbra"
-"That must be full bludgy work"
-"What work?"

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another street term for being drunk

We was so full off that Seagrims this weekend it don't make no sense.

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The simple and laziest way to reply to a friend that has just invited you to play a match on Call of Duty: Black Ops, letting them know that the server is full and you are not ignoring their request on the Playstation 3 Entertainment System.

Do you want to play Call of Duty: Black Ops?


The server is full.

Message Reply: full

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to have had enought to eat

the gerbil won't come out because he's had enough to eat

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IN BRIEF: alkied, bent, drunk, intoxicated, loaded, lushed, tipsy, under the influence, etc.

We getting full at the party tonight. I know you don't wanna miss a hangover.

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