Definder - what does the word mean?

What is earlier?

A stoner term used when something happened within the past 24-48 hours of when they are high, but it was before they got high

Dude, I went to the convenience store, but that was way earlier

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Earlier - what is it?

A term used by those who smoke pot to mean the time before this session of pot smoking.

Dude, I went to the store, but that was way earlier.

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Video meme

What does "earlier" mean?

To save time on TV cook shows, the presenters will have made an example to show while the dish is taking time cooking.

Put it in the's one I made earlier.

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Earlier - what does it mean?

getting the seat before someone else does

James get the seat earlier or someone else will get it.

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Earlier - meaning

An excuse to retell a good story or joke for those who missed it the first time.

I said this earlier but she totally hooked up with her TA and got an A in the class.

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Earlier - definition

a greeting, the opposite of later (duh).


"alright man"

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Earlier - slang

Means hello ,the opposite of the word 'later' (duh)


"alright man"

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