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What is cooking?

A quick and easy way to burn your house down and cause mass death to your nabours

"I tried cooking ,never again"

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Cooking - what is it?

(Colloquial Australian) When you attempt to do something, eg kicking a footy or flirting with a girl and you stuff up really badly, almost like burning a meal

Fred: Kick us the ball mate
Frank: Eh sure

Frank: *absolutely shanks it*
Frank: (Under breath) oh I've cooked it
Fred: Frank you hoon

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What does "cooking" mean?

Cooking is a dance trend invented by Lil' B, in that it's only waist up - designed to be done in front of a web cam.

Different Levels of cooking include:
-Head Chefs
-Top Chefs
-Master Chef (like a black belt)

We be cooking like a master chef right now - SWAG!

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Cooking - what does it mean?

In a state of being pissed.

The man missed the start of the movie. He was cooking.

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Cooking - meaning

How a white boy describes somthin that's sty-fel-in

"that chick is cookING man!"

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Cooking - definition

when someone can party so hard without passing out

A: "you not cooking?!?!?!"
B: "yea dude"
C: "wah wah wah wah wah wah"

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Cooking - slang

the act of masturbation.

dude, I'm cooking a four course dinner with sue tonight.

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when someone cooks heroin on a spoon 2 inject in 2arm leg toes or cock

im cooking some heroin

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what you better be doing right now, woman!

get back in the kitchen and start cooking. don't make me backhand you again, bitch!

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When something travels or accelerates at an unusually fast rate.

The Z06 (corvette) is cooking off the line.

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