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What is greeting?

a sexy word, often used by women named olga. can mean many things, whatever you want, often sexual and provocative, even when used as a greeeting!

i want to fuck you in the greets, hard.

dayum baby where you get that greets


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Greeting - what is it?

High on weed; called 'greeted' cause the word 'hi' is a greeting.

"Man, you greeted ain't you?"

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What does "greeting" mean?

Greetings: Adjective: To greet the coming of an event. Commonly used as a way of saying "hello" - However, when used properly it can be used as a way of saying that you like something, or that something is pleasing. Often used in the past tense, but can be used in almost any situation.

1) "Ahh! This Florida trip is guna be so greetings!"

2) In the even that you find $20 "Greetings!"

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Greeting - what does it mean?

a shortening of greetings, used to greet someone (duh)

Greets! How's life?

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Greeting - meaning

as baked as Ngreet when he’s fully squeaked.

Yo I’m fuckin greeted right now

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Greeting - definition

A person gives a classical greeting to a hip crowd to be funny.

Greetings Bretheren what up with thee.

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Greeting - slang

Used by many beings, including aliens and abnormal people. Used to say hello, while confusing the other person, normally into silence.


-and you are?

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1. A way of saying hello.

Greetings, friend!

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N/E scottish, verb for cry.

dinna ye greet er i´ll slap yer airse!!
át bam´s aye greetin´ like a bairn!

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common scottish slang for crying

"Aye, you were fair bawling and greeting like a wee bairn"

"Aww, I wiz almost greetin when Lassie died."

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